Thursday, January 30, 2014

Asylum of Satan

Unless you are a virgin untouched by sin, Dr. Satan won't take your appointment. In the Asylum of Satan, the only patient discharge is death...

Poor lovely and lovesick Lucina Martin, whose a gifted and well known piano player, finds herself in a bizarre institution following a supposed breakdown consisting of a masculine looking woman, people dressed in KKK robes, a blind girl, a mute man, a paraplegic elderly woman, strange chanting going on after hours, terrifying nightmares and ax chopped bodies. And not to mention, a very eerie looking Dr. Specter who runs the institution and is a disciple of Satan himself. Rather than recruiting patients, he recruits love slaves for Satan under the pretense of enriching their lives by promising the blind girl that her sight will be restored, and the paraplegic woman that she will be able to walk again. 

If something is too good to be probably isn't...

The paraplegic gets wheeled into a gas chamber where venomous arachnids and centipedes tear into her. The blind girl walks into a pool and is accompanied later by killer snakes who tear her piecemeal, and the mute is burned to death by the KKK clan look alikes.  

Lucina however, needs to stay alive for the time being. Her fiance Chris attempts to come to her rescue only to be sent away. The Knight in Shining Armor never gives up as he gets the detective involved due to an eerie gut feeling alone. They approach the hospital and it has completely changed into something old and abandoned.. And Dr. Specter looks old.. Talk about Black Magic...

Dr. Specter is dying.. A virgin sacrifice needs to be executed in order for him to restore his nine lives. His master needs to approve.. Just one thing though...

Lucina is not a virgin!

The master with the goat horns is angry for he has been deceived.. 

Now it's time to pay the Devil his due! Off with Dr. Specter and his followers..

Chris and the law enforcement officials come and rescue Lucina, but Chris is the last one to get out of the asylum. He turns around one last time and sees Satan himself with his apostles and screams. Could it be that Satan himself is looking for a new disciple? 

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