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***For Media Inquiries, Promotion, Press Releases regarding films, Interviews, or anything else***:

Following party must have a website with a Social Media Kit and contact information for review. A Media Kit must be sent to for review and approved by Vincent S. DiBenedetto at 631-579-8966. Without the above, requests cannot be approved. 

The Nightmare Nook Horror Blog caters to Horror Fans all around the globe! If you are looking to promote your Horror Projects, stores, merchandise, etc. here are your options:

$100 a month - Banner advertisements on Blog.
$150 a month - Advertisement will be placed at the end of every weekly blog post, which will be promoted on Facebook fan page, Horror groups with a reach of over 50K Fans, Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc. Also, a ONE time promotional piece about your project or business will be included.

*Campaign will run for 3 months with an option to renew once concluded.

To advertise, please e-mail

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