Monday, March 30, 2020

Goodnight Mommy (2015)

After undergoing cosmetic facial surgery, a mother whose face is heavily bandaged, returns home to her twin boys Elias and Lukas. She exhibits very eccentric behavior and the boys question weather or not it is in fact their mother or an impostor. She only acknowledges Elias and ignores Lukas entirely as if he doesn't even exist. She keeps the blinds closed during the day and sees to it that the kids only play outside. She is very abusive towards Elias when he acts up. She murders a stray cat that the kids picked up to keep for themselves as a pet.

When the boys see a picture of their mother and another woman who looks very similar, their suspicions are confirmed and they seek help from a local priest. However, he believes the woman's claim that she is the boys mother. The boys bound her to the bed in hopes that she will finally give into the torture and admit she is really not their mother. However, there is no movement as far as that is concerned. When the Red Cross arrive, the boys give them a cash donation and then they leave. The woman screams for help but nobody hears her. She wets the bed and the boys decide now to release her so they can change the sheets. She tries to escape but the boys have a booby trap which causes her to fall and hit her head. When she wakes up, she sees Elias attempting to burn down the house. She still insists that she is their mother. She explains to Elias that Lukas died in an accident before her return and this entire time, he had only been a figment of his imagination. He challenges her to see Lukas trying to set fire to the drapes. Elias takes Lukas by the arm and sets the drapes on fire causing the woman to burn to death.

In the end, Lukas and Elias are walking through the cornfield to be with their mother and the three of them are embracing and smiling..

Monday, March 23, 2020

H8RZ (2015)

Alex, the very uncouth and unattractive outcast is being interrogated after a couple of students and a teacher are found dead and burned by attorney Laura Sedgewick. A group of students end up in detention after cheating on an exam, later to end up dead. But all for cheating on a test? Hmm, not quite just that alone. What do desperate students entailing a class president, his pretty and popular girlfriend, and two class clowns, one who is a computer genius, and one outcast all equate to? TROUBLE!!!

They all end up hacking the school's computer system to change their grades. I mean I am pretty sure we have all done something somewhat dishonest, even if it wasn't as nefarious in our academic career. Cheating on tests, skipping classes, etc. a good majority of us have done that. It never haunted me after all these years. However, for Jack, the class president, Carla, his girlfriend, Cameron, the trouble maker and computer genius, Ricky, the other troublemaker, and Alex, someone from beyond the grave is tormenting their conscience. Brittany Tammand, a student who had committed suicide, taunts them via computer, letting them know that she is well aware of their crime and blackmails them to do certain "tasks". Apparently, Jack had something to do with Brittany before she died. Hence, Jack repeating Brittany's name over and over again in the hospital after he was severely burned. 

However, the true identity of the blackmailer is revealed to not be Brittany's ghost, but their very own Science teacher Faustin. He witnessed Cameron hacking into the school's computer system and now blackmails them into coming up with a huge amount of cash that most will never see in this lifetime, or else he will go to the authorities. Ricky considers turning them all in including himself but his family is forced to move back to Russia, and Carla overdoses on pills. Alex then figures out a way to steal 5 million dollars. They use fake IDs to embezzle money and add it to the school account. They finally pay up Faustin to get him off their backs, however, Cameron hears nothing of it, and attacks Faustin. Faustin pulls out a gun and kills Cameron and Carla. He too gets fatally injured in the scuffle. Jack gets shot and is severely burned as the lab where the altercation occurred, sets on fire. Alex is warned by the attorney to keep this incident a secret and get the hell away. She and the principal check the school account and see that all that money is gone. All of that money gets deposited into Alex's account....

The principal gets a very haunting video message from Brittany Tammand. She reveals that she was with Jack and he had used her while he was still with Carla. Carla then had turned the whole school against her, and Cameron and Ricky too had tried to use her. This all led to her wanting to commit suicide. In closing Brittany swears revenge on the haters and starts banging her head against the desk repeatedly, causing a bloody mess. Laura then sees the eerie coincidence. Alex is Brittany Tammand, and she is the one who murdered her classmates... 

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Lift - (1983)

The subject of man vs. machine has always been filled with a multitude of theories. Man makes machine yet  machine is smarter than man is one of them. Man programs a computer to store and save data. It is programmed to know time. Same can be applied to elevators right? An elevator know when you will be coming in and when you need to be dropped off. But when machines get used and tested over and over again, what if they develop a mind of their own? Only man can be the culprit if that is the case...

What goes on in the mind of the elevator when accidents are more frequent to the point of purposeful? Falling into an empty shaft, being decapitated, catching yourself on fire, sounds like one hell of a malfunction! No matter how many times you attempt to destroy the elevator, it will always be ten steps ahead of you. It will short circuit you before you short circuit it!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Parents - (1989)

Father: Honey, what are you making for dinner?
Mother: Steak with potato wedges.
Son: I'm not hungry. I'll pass.
Mother: Excuse me?
Father: Steak and Potato Wedges are good son. Unless you want to settle for a side of corn.
Son: I want to go up into my room.
Mother: I don't think so young man. You are going to eat whatever I cook and sit with your parents at the table. 
Father: You better listen to your mother.
Son: I don't like meat.
Mother: Do you want to grow up to be strong like a Football jock or scrawny with spaghetti arms like a girl? Meat will help you grow.
Father: Let's eat now huh?
Son: What kind of meat is that anyway? 
Mother: Oh why son, I am so glad your inquisitive mind wants to know. 
Father: Do you want to tell him or should I?
Mother: Well let's just say, this kind of meat you cannot buy in a store. And it's not from a cow either. 
Son: So where did you get it?
Mother: From Mr. Rolf our next door neighbor.
Son: But Mr. Rolf is dead. He died a week ago. I heard it was from some kind of accident in his house.
Father: Yes...we know...

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Evil Come..Evil Go..(1972)

Sarah and Penny...sittin' in a tree...

A man can benefit a woman in a multitude of ways. However, nobody understands a woman like a woman herself. Sarah Jane Butler a.k.a. Sister Sarah is under the impression all sex fiends are spawns of the Devil and must be eradicated. So she does just that. She seduces men to their slaying. But she needs a partner in crime. Someone she can keep right under her thumb to do her bidding. She needs a slave, or a submissive to satisfy her control kink. Makes for an interesting Television series right?

Penny, who is a lesbian, is at the mercy of Sister Sarah. Both of them together lure men to their bloody demise. Penny brings a man home for a carnal session and Sarah stabs him to death. They spot a couple fornicating like a bunch of jack rabbits and later get chastised for doing the dirty deed. Penny's lover June, comes to visit and make love to her, and Sarah strangles her with a scarf. Together, the team of Dominatrix and Submissive work together to eradicate the horny world, leaving only their sexual and carnal whims in place...

Glory... Glory... Hallelujah....