Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day - From Mitch and Blaire (Unfriended)

Teen love. Teen betrayal. In the face of Social Media, we succumb and go down together. In the face of cyber bullying and lies, we succumb and go down together. What we have is stuff that only true love is made of.  We both share the same guilt. We both are proven to be dishonest and fake. It's the internet my love. It is a collector of lives. It is an X-Ray into our souls. We are very dark and shallow inside. People die because of us. Maybe our fate needs to mirror theirs. So let's make a pact. Whoever dies first has to open the gateway to Cyber Hell for the other. So let's do it my love. Let's meet in Hell...

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Spell (1977) - Rita's Rage

Shy and self conscious Rita Matchett, is often the butt of every joke from her classmates. At home it is no better as she is constantly living in her more attractive sister Kristina's shadow and shunned by Glenn. her Father. Her sister calls her "fat" and "unattractive". Marilyn, her mother, is the only one in the household who "gets" Rita. Even Rita's gym teacher Jo"gets" her. When Rita is enraged, accidents happen...

I guess it is safe to say that Jackie's dancing days are over. But the rage does not end there. While out with the family, leaving Rita at home, Glenn is almost hit by a speeding car. Kathleen, Marilyn's friend, who is ill to begin with, all of a sudden burns up and dies, and Kristina almost drowns at her swim meet. 

Glenn decides he cannot take anymore of Rita's outbursts and seriously discusses sending her to boarding school. Rita will hear no more of that dribble, so she gets more aggressive. She visits Jo, and her mother follows. The truth is, both Marilyn and Jo "get" Rita because they too have the power. And the power Marilyn has will curb Rita's when she attempts to destroy her father. 

So the rage is genetic. And so is the unconditional love...

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Carnage - 1984 - 'Till Death Do Us Part...

Carnage: massacre, bloodbath, slaughter, mass murder...

I promise to take your life first then follow you
I promise to avenge our deaths by terrorizing the next newlywed couple who inhabit our home
I promise to make the household appliances slice and dice anybody who gets too close to them
I promise to throw a housewarming party that our guests will never forget
I promise you that we will continue this carnage
'Till Death Do Us Part...

A married couple who inhabited the house before the newlyweds moved in, engaged in a murder suicide and now they are living up to the "till death do us part" vow. Poltergeists, Decapitation, bludgeoning, electrocution, slit throat, haunted housewarming parties etc. are just one of the many perks that come with that particular vow. 

Gee, if only we can find someone who loves us that much...

How much would this old run down haunted mansion cost? I guess it does not matter since it is not the realtor who set the price but the deceased married couple who did. It cost several lives, hence, the term Carnage. Nobody messes with this power couple. Their love is unbreakable and vengeful..

Start thinking of what your wedding vows truly mean..