Saturday, February 25, 2017

Which Furry Gremlin Would You Like To Look At From 20,000 Feet?

Insanely cute and adorable little Gizmo??? Come on, how could you resist???


Surfs up..I'm on the wing of insanity!!

Now come on handsome..kiss me..I only climbed 20,000 feet to scare you shitless and make you look like the kook that you are..

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017

The Most Ruthless Reporters In Horror Movies

"Violence Sells", should be the tagline for every ruthless media monster out there. It's obvious you just do it for the ratings and the money so please stop acting like you give two shits because it's obvious you give NO shits. With that being said, the nominees for the most Ruthless Reporters in Horror Movies Are.....(drum roll please)..

Tawny - Sleepaway Camp III - Teenage Wasteland

Impatient C U Next Tuesday. You are so ballsy enough to separate the rich and affluent group of kids from the poor and scummy. Who the Hell are you? You may wear a designer suit with heels and drive a flashy sports car, but a gram of turd has more class than you! 

I guess the biggest perk of being a ruthless reporter is the easy access to nose candy. I mean, heck, with the money pouring out of your butt hole, you can afford it right?

Next Nominee For The Most Ruthless Reporters In Horror Movies:

Gale Weathers (The Scream Franchise)

OK, this Ruthless Reporter has evolved and changed along with her hair color and style. But you gotta give Little Miss Weathers props. She at least was ruthless and smart enough to come out with her own best selling book! She deserves a Pulitzer Prize. In the beginning, her ruthlessness got her clobbered. Niiiiiiiiccceeeee....

And bitch slapped...

So she's gotta be doing something right if she's receiving all this backlash right?  That is until someone comes along to make her turn..well...soft...

So now, the winner is.....

You decide..

Monday, February 13, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Should this Mean Girl Of The Moment (MGM) Receive an MGM Award?

One has to wonder, did you use your terminal condition to your advantage when taunting your poor little sister Rachel? Did you know it was going to traumatize her to watch you deteriorate then die, hence scarring her for life mentally? 

Why would you think it is okay to do that? Were you just angry because her back was straight and yours wasn't?

Little Gage never knew his Aunt Zelda. Maybe now would be the time to connect with the blood relatives..

Ahh, your Aunt Zelda has been whispering in your ear huh little one?

Blood is thicker than water but sometimes there is just too much blood...literally..

Monday, February 6, 2017

Nightmare Hall Series by Diane Hoh

Do any of you remember reading these as kids? Which ones were your favorite?