Monday, January 27, 2020

Blood Birthday (1988)

What happens during a solar eclipse? 3 evil spawns are born...

Debbie, Curtis, and Steven are three angelic faced children who are born with a mission to murder. Makes me wonder if Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, and other notorious serial killers in history were born around the time of an eclipse of some sort. But these 3 children are monumental brats. Remember, you abide by their rules..

1) Don't fornicate in the cemetery unless you want a shovel and jump rope to state your fate. 
2) If you are a Sheriff Dad, you are in a world of shit.
3) Don't play hide and seek with any or all 3 of them.
4) If you are a teacher and have one or all 3 in your class, do NOT cross them with a bad grade or progress report.
5) If you are a sister to one of the 3, you are f*cked once they find out you are on to them.
6) These child friendships wont last because one of them will sell you out for murder while they get away with murder in a completely different vicinity. 

Monday, January 20, 2020

All the Colors of the Dark (1972)

Jane is a beautiful and distressed woman whose psychological and emotional walls have crumbled. She lost her mother to murder at only 5 years old and later on in life, she loses her baby in a car accident. She suffers from traumatizing nightmares of a man trying to kill her. There is only so much a woman can handle before she completely loses her sanity. When all other therapeutic alternatives hold no true benefit for her, she decides to join a Black Mass. But this Black Mass only turn her nightmares into a reality which she was only trying to escape from. 

This Black Mass which engages in Satanic Rituals brings about a psychedelic and trippy atmosphere. The territory only gets darker and darker for Jane. From the psycho-sexual orgies, long sharp claws for fingers, red herrings, and what not, Jane continues to drown into each shade of darkness as the horrific kaleidoscope turns. 

Monday, January 13, 2020

3 FROM HELL (2019) - Baby Firefly

Women of Horror are sexy. Some are bat shit crazy. Baby Firefly has the face of an angel but a dark venomous abyss where her heart should be. Evil and murder is her normal. Insanity is her right mind. She tried to have fun with it at first. She went from playfully and a bubbly kind of evil to nasty, and now her mind has snapped into full blown insanity. What are people thinking trying to help "free the three"?? Are we talking about the glamorous Manson cult here or Mickey and Mallory Knox? 

The minute you hear that crazy laugh of hers, you better be afraid. Her laugh is a mating call for murder. She will tear you piecemeal and shower in your blood. The 3 From Hell are so evil that thousands of gun shot wounds still could not kill them. Don't tell this little baby to hush and don't cry...

Monday, January 6, 2020

The Shining (1980) - Shelley Duvall

Every Cult Classic Horror movie brings a unique vibe and chemistry that will stay embedded in the minds and hearts of Horror enthusiasts forever. Directors and Producers put bank breaking money into creating the ultimate Masterpiece. Stanley Kubrick's The Shining was one for instance. As actors we all pay our dues to make the masterpiece come to life. But sometimes behind the scenes, things can go just a bit to far...

No more Olive Oil. This is Wendy Torrance's turn. Shelley Duvall was one of the most iconic stars of the 80's. Jack Nicholson was the poster boy for The Shining yet Shelley Duvall's damsel in distress persona contributed to the apprehensive vibe of this Cult Classic. We felt sorry for her and in some ways her expressions scared us. However, what Stanley Kubrick wanted and what Stephen King and Jack Nicholson wanted were two different things..

Stephen King hated this version of Wendy Torrance. It was not at all what he had in mind. He despised her acting. However, Kubrick had his own plans for Duvall which had driven the poor actress into a fragile state of trauma. Is it any wonder why we hardly see her in any films anymore? 

How many takes did the director made her do for the infamous baseball bat scene? It was well over 100. The crying you see her do in the film is very genuine. She was pushed to the brink of madness. But the director did not sympathize with her. In fact he told others not to also. He was one helluva bully for a director. All Duvall did was cry non stop. 

For the other infamous ax to the door "Heeeere's Johnny!!" scene, the actress was apparently never told what would happen next. Her screams and her fear was definitely genuine in this scene as well. One has to wonder in the terms of method acting, what was Kubrick's true motive for Duvall? As an actor, how much can you stay true to your craft? At what point do the lines between being on screen and off screen get blurry? 

All work and no play makes Ms. Shelley Duvall a very dull girl...

Monday, December 16, 2019

Hereditary (2018)

Mental illness is an enigma to some. Not everybody "gets it". Ignorant people compare illnesses. "If it is not physical, it can't kill you. Just pop a pill and the world will be a calm and mellow place. Stop whining. Don't be a coward." What have we not all heard before? 

Annie Graham's life is a mere illustration of what mental illness can do to a family. Sometimes there is no resolution and the conclusion is a very grim one at that. Losing a mother whom you had a very strained relationship with, then losing your child in a horrific accident, inadvertently caused by the other child, leaving them decapitated, exacerbates the already fragile self. Annie was an hourglass; running out of time and ready to break at any given moment. And when she broke, a whole Pandora's box of trauma and tragedy flew wide open. 

Her relationship with her son Peter grows more and more sour after Charlie's tragic demise. However, Charlie's spirit is around them causing bizarre and nightmarish occurrences. For instance, Peter sees a diabolical apparition of himself in school, causing him to slam his head on the desk, breaking his nose. The family illness in conjunction with Charlie's malevolent spirit has reared its tragic head as the father gets burned to death after Charlie's sketchbook is thrown into the fire, and Annie becomes possessed and decapitates herself with the piano wire. Peter is left all alone with a coven of worshipers. Peter now has a new role; the role of Paimon the King Of Hell. Sanity has now officially exited their lives as now Peter is drowned into a sea of diabolical madness.