Monday, September 16, 2019

Blood Rage (1987)

This is a story of twins, Terry and Todd. Terry is severely titched in the head due to an appetite for murder. Todd is titched in the head for witnessing Terry murder someone as a child and then pins the blame on him. Their mother Maddy is a wine-o. Todd does time in a mental institution while Terry goes on to live the good life. Years later as adults, Todd escapes the mental institution and Terry goes on a machete wielding killing spree. 

The bond that twins share is unbreakable. But did Terry and Todd end up in the wrong womb? Maddy for one, in not entirely emotionally stable herself and seems to enjoy her flings with men a bit too much. To get his mother's attention, Terry as a little boy, slaughtered a man making love to his girlfriend at the drive in and smears the blood on Todd, framing him. Maddy was too busy making out with her boyfriend that she did not even know that the two boys woke up and escaped from the car. Todd, taking the blame, spends his entire childhood in the institution, while Terry goes onto becoming Mr. Popular with his friends and girls. He is a glorified Mama's boy. He will not share the spotlight with anybody, not Todd and not his Mom's fiance. So when Todd, now all grown, escapes the mental institution, he attempts to confront Terry and their mother, which results in Maddy shooting Terry dead then turning the gun on herself. Todd is free at last...or is he???

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Blood Spattered Bride (1972)

Marriage. Secrets. Dark Past. Nightmares. Violence. Lust. Strange Occurrences. Stalking. Warnings. Revenge. Spells. BDSM. Blood lust. Lesbian Vampires. 

Susan is under the spell of Marcilla, who had murdered her husband for coercing her into non-consented sexual acts 200 years before. She possesses Susan to try to do the same to her husband. When Susan's husband finds a nude woman buried in the sand on the beach, she identifies herself as Carmilla. But Carmilla has a hidden agenda as Susan's resistance towards her weakens. The two women embark on an affair and go on a bloody killing spree. The husband kills both women who are sleeping in their coffins, and the servants daughter who reveals she too had been bit. It was revealed via a newspaper column that there was a man who cut out the hearts of 3 women and was arrested.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Ma (2019) - Don't Let Her Drink Alone!

Most people can look back in time to their High School years and recall times they were teased and picked on. Not everybody has the privilege of being popular. Maybe some were way to enthusiastic and passionate about school. Maybe some were just too cool to give a shit. Maybe some just did not belong. Fast forward years later and some people actually do change and have moved onto bigger and better things, and even laugh at those dreaded old days of being teased and picked on. However, there may be that very select few who cannot forgive and forget. That is because the boundaries had been way crossed. A High School prank supersedes anything and everything that is tolerable...

Sue Ann Ellington may come off as cool. I mean if you are looking for someone to buy you alcohol and allow you to party in her basement while underage, then she is definitely your friend. Or maybe the mother you wish you had. Sue Ann now known as "Ma" to teenagers Maggie, Andy, Haley, Chaz, and Darrell, also went to High School with their parents. Yet, she chooses to party with the teens and not her own peers. And why is that? To overcompensate for not being cool back in High School? Is she just that lonely? Or is there a more strange and diabolical reason? What does she want with a bunch of teenagers?

When things get even more weird and freakier as the partying in Ma's basement becomes more frequent, Ma starts stalking the teens after they decide to end their "friendship" with her. Why can't she let go? Why does Ma prohibit her own daughter Genie from interacting with her peers by confining her to a wheelchair convincing everybody she has a degenerative condition? The answers don't just lie with Ma. They lie with her former classmates whose children she is "befriending". 

Ben, who is Andy's father, had been romantically pursued by Sue Ann in High School. The feelings were not mutual and Ben was anything but a gentleman about it. He had lured Sue Ann into a closet under the pretense of wanting her to perform fellatio on him. The room is dark and Sue Ann goes downtown. Once she gets out of the closet, she finds the entire school awaiting her for the laughter and slut shaming. It turns out that it was not Ben who was in the closet with her. It was another young boy. Ben, Erica, and Mercedes, who had helped arrange for the humiliation and is Ben's current lush of a girlfriend, all watch the entire school laugh at Sue Ann. Sue Ann is never the same again. Now the teenagers are suffering for the sins of their parents, as Ma is out for retribution. Mercedes gets run over by her car while jogging, she draws blood from Maggie's dog Louie, and gets Ben to come over to her house to knock him unconscious. She pumps Louie's blood into his body killing him. She traps all the offspring of her bullies into her house, torturing them in the worst way possible. Genie, who is very much healthy and able-bodied, comes to their rescue. Erica comes and helps everybody escape when the basement catches fire. Sue Ann blames Erica for being weak and not doing anything while she was being humiliated in High School. As Sue Ann tries to throw Genie into the fire, Maggie stabs her. Everybody escapes while Sue Ann makes her way upstairs to Ben's body, lies down next to him, as they burn together.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Crucible Of Horror (1971)

Edith and her 16 year old daughter Jane, are at the mercy of the physically and mentally abusive Walter. Walter sexually abuses Jane as well and has turned his own son Rupert into a Junior version of Walter. The only way for Edith and Jane to break free from Walter is to kill him which they begin to set their plan in motion. Edith and Jane follow Walter to the cottage and spike his drink with sedatives. Then Edith shoots him dead. Mother and daughter drag his body upstairs and stage a fake suicide. Free at last? Or not so fast... Can Walter go away that easily? When Rupert realizes his Father has not shown up for work, Edith and Jane go back to the cottage and find the wooden box with Walter's body. They load their car and drive up to the embankment where they dump the body. Nobody will suspect anything right? Now the monster is dead and Edith and Jane are out of captivity. Walter can't inflict any harm now can he?

After a brief time, someone enters the house. It is Walter back from the dead. He torments Jane's conscience by hanging upside down the rafters. Then the following morning he comes down for breakfast looking sharp and normal as though nothing ever happened.  Hi Honey, I'm home!!!!

The morally and emotionally bankrupt have a superhuman strength that can survive death. Walter will never die and his spree of torment will continue...

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Frightmare (1983) - Theater 101

Being a well known film star comes with a power not too many people are aware you have. Conrad Razkoff takes no shit from anybody as he is already in his tenure. He pushes a disgruntled director to his death for criticizing his acting for a commercial. Conrad visits a bunch of students and they get a drama lesson they will never forget. He faints only to be revived by one of the students, Meg. He receives a visit by his bed side by director Wolfgang. Conrad plays dead again and as Wolfgang denounces him, Conrad gets up and suffocates him with a pillow. Conrad dies again. But just like a cat, he has nine lives.

The students sneak into Conrad's tomb and after his coffin explodes, Conrad once again rises from the dead. After Oscar and Donna get kinky, Oscar decides to see what's up only to have Conrad rip his tongue out. Donna gets worried so she too decides to check things out. Conrad sets her ablaze. Bob gets locked up into a trance and gets incapacitated by vapors from inside the crypt. Eve is lured out of her room at the sound of Donna's voice and gets smashed like a pancake by Conrad's coffin. Stu gets decapitated. Meg drives a cross into Conrad's body and Saint gets thrown into the crematorium. Conrad goes back to rest. The psychic bids her farewell to Conrad and attempts to steal the jewelry off his body. Conrad wakes up again and ends up killing her.

The killing spree of the alive then dead and alive then dead again Conrad will continue. Hell has definitely reserved a VIP section for Conrad..

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Macabre (1980) - Some Women Just Can't Let Go...

If whorish and negligent was a slot machine, then bitch you have just hit the jackpot!

Jane Baker is a sexually depraved and negligent mother of two children, a son and daughter. She has no qualms about breaking up her family and relentlessly goes on to pursue her affair with her lover Fred. While Jane continues to feed her carnal urges, her daughter Lucy drowns her little brother, Michael in the bathtub. When Jane gets the call, her and Fred frantically drive back home and end up getting into a severe accident leaving Fred decapitated. Jane enters an institution where she stays for some time. When she is released, she is not quite the same as she is still obsessing over Fred's death. Some mother huh? As a matter of fact, it is all Jane seems to give a damn about. To Hell with her ex husband and children. When she takes up residency at a boarding facility where a blind landlord, Robert is in charge, she continues her torrid affair with Fred though he is deceased. She keeps a memento of his severed head in the refrigerator where it is well preserved. And when her carnal cravings resurface, Jane takes the head back to the bedroom and has sex with it non stop. Robert is suspicious and Lucy remains completely and utterly resentful towards her mother. One has to wonder, did Jane graduate with A Dahmer Degree at Necrophile U? If so, she definitely graduated with high honors. Can you just imagine her walking over to receive her diploma and holding up Fred's decapitated head shouting, "I did it! I did it! Now let's go home and celebrate with multiple orgasms while I roll your head up and down each and every erogenous zone".

It is just a tad bit sick and convoluted beyond your darkest imagination. You might think it is all in Jane's head as she may still be in mourning over Fred's fatal accident. But what if it may not be? It turns into a very ugly showdown between Jane and Lucy as Lucy finds Fred's head in the refrigerator and then begins to leave clues letting her mother know that she is well aware of her necrophiliac tendencies. Would you like an ear lobe in your soup? Lucy later confesses that she was the one who drowned her little brother and Jane goes absolutely ballistic and kills Lucy. The blind landlord ends up then killing Jane. Is it over now? Has the insanity finally come to its' conclusion? Or has Jane screwed Fred's dead head one too many times and used her special juices of life to resurrect him? Maybe it is not all in her head...