Saturday, September 22, 2018

Voices From The Beyond (1991) - Who Killed Giorgio Mainardi?

A supposed stomach hemorrhage has taken wealthy Giorgio Mainardi's life as he lays on his death bed while his family stares down at him conveying no emotion. Rosie, Giorgio's daughter, a complete Daddy's girl, returns from college for the funeral and reading of the will, and soon finds the rest of her family battling over Giorgio's estate. 

As if losing a loved one is not difficult enough, the greed left behind only compounds the pain. Hilda, Giorgio's stepmother refuses to have an autopsy done. Giorgio's father has outlived his own son but suffers from stroke complications. Mario, Hilda's son is supposedly having an affair with Lucy, Giorgio's 3rd wife and she is young enough to be his daughter. Rosie has had enough with her family's toxicity and greed. While Giorgio's body is dead, his spirit has survived and is now in complete contact with Rosie, whom he enlists in helping discover who truly was responsible for his demise. But she is pressed for time as Giorgio's body continues to rot in his coffin and will no longer be able to communicate with her. 

While Rosie loves and misses her father, the rest of the family recall only the unpleasant memories of Giorgio. Lucy felt degraded by him due to how stiff she was, Mario recalls the humiliation in being turned down for financial help, Hilda enrages over how Giorgio would not let her cash in his sick Father's checks,  and Rita recalls how jilted and angry she was when Giorgio ended their affair to go back and reconcile with his wife. A man of power was indeed the most vile and hated man. It only led to one thing; murder...

As it turns out, the estate is left to Rosie, however Lucy can still remain there. Nothing was left to her son David, as Giorgio did not believe he was his own son. Now the question remains, who killed Giorgio?

The autopsy finally was done and it concluded that there were several internal lacerations. Glass was found in the body. Rosie now must solve the family murder mystery. Could it be Rita, the spurned mistress? Could she have spiked Giorgio's dinner...literally? Or Lucy, Giorgio's child bride? Or David, Giorgio' spurned "son"? In a dream, Rosie finds the answer.

Shards of glass were found in ice cubes that were placed in Giorgio's drinks. Lucy believes that Hilda and Mario were behind this. Hilda admits that a plot was conjured up to murder Giorgio for his money but Lucy knew about it and did nothing about it. In a game, David played with the mortar and pestle, grinding up the light bulb into tiny fragments of glass that he would soon conceal in water for the ice cube tray. He would be a suspect without knowing and Hilda would make it appear as an accident. Rosie then realizes that getting the police involved would be too easy and she would gain nothing as far as retribution goes. She decides to go back to college, leaving her Father's vengeful ghost to haunt Hilda, David, and the rest of the family forever..

Giorgio and Rosie have the last laugh...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Poltergeist - Interesting Concept

A Poltergeist is a type of energy or ghost that creates chaos by throwing objects around, making loud noises, physically harming people, and high end levitation such as opening doors, etc. In another words, it is a very mischievous and disturbed ghost that will do anything to draw attention to itself. 

The same concept can be applied to adolescent children whose hormones rage all over the place. Teenage kids for the most part do create some sort of an outburst to seek attention from those they feel are neglecting them. According to Parapsychologists, a Poltergeist attaches itself to a specific person, preferably a teenager whose hormones are not entirely settled in...

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Cat In The Brain (1990) - When You Become Your Own Horror Movie...

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 As a Horror Writer, Director, Artist, Actor, Producer or what have you, you don't just create Horrific content for the audience's entertainment, but you do it for your own as well. You achieve the biggest creative climax of your life once you not only see but experience the effect of the Horror you produced. You are the God of your own film. The movie set is your kingdom. You breathe life into your story and script. 

But there can be a downside to all of this as well. Sometimes the right side of our brain which harbors all creative control can cause our impulses to malfunction in a way which can be highly catastrophic. Our love for such a fascinating genre such as Horror can possess us in its' own way. 

Lucio Fucli, starrs as himself, playing Dr. Fucli. From Doctor to Splatter Film Director, Dr. Fulci begins to experience horrifying visions of grisly slayings which mirror his own content from his own Horror movies. Everywhere he goes, he sees something unpleasantly bloody and disturbing and is not so sure if he is losing his own grip on reality. Unless what is happening is not all in his mind. Dr. Fulci then decides maybe he needs to seek clinical help from Professor Egon Schwartz, who is his neighbor and Psychiatrist. But this shrink has problems of his own which tie into the murders and ghastly visions Dr. Fulci is experiencing...

It is true. Violence on the screen can and does provoke violence off screen. And what provokes the idea of creating that violence on screen in the first place? Fascination? Mystery? Daring to push the envelope? When is too far too far and can we shut off the indicators in our brain that reminds us that it is only a movie and it is not real? But true Horror is all about messing with your mind. It is all comprised of elements which are taboo and unacceptable such as gore, violence, sex, cannibalism, etc. Some people can stomach it and some people can't which is perfectly OK. 

If you wish to hold on to every last ounce of sanity you have left, I strongly suggest moving onto the Comedy genre... Just kidding­čśť

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

City of the Living Dead (1980) - All Saints Day

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Commencement followed by a suicide, will go into effect on All Saints Day. On this day, the Living Dead will mark their territory on the world. You will no longer see the world you thought you knew. The Father's soul is damned for all eternity and his ultimate sin has provided the portal to Hell. Your blood will be on his hands. Your celebration will be cut short. Very short. Your sweet and innocent tears will be conformed to blood. Your flesh will rot. Your entrails and bowels will be purged. It is the end of the human race. It is time to acknowledge a new holiday now as The Living Dead celebrate their own feast...