Monday, July 16, 2018

Chopping Mall - Everything Is On Clearance!

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Before the Internet came The Mall. A place to shop, a place to hang out with friends after school, a place to locate the best sales, and overall, a place to make you feel good. Nowadays what do we do for fun? Holiday shopping now can be done online but just as well to avoid the rush. I miss the days one of my old friends would call me up and say, "hey, let's go to the mall". Whenever we do go to malls every now and then, it is clearance everywhere..literally. It has become a ghost town. Stores go out of business and the Food Courts look empty half the time. When I think "Chopping Mall", this is exactly what comes to mind, no joke. Chopped customer count. Chopped stores. Chopped desires to go to the mall. It is on one big chopping block. 

Now what if Malls got this interesting???

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Motel Hell (1980) - Every Vegetarian's Worst Nightmare

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There are tons of great things about vacationing. One of the best things is the hospitality and the great food. And you definitely have to love the variety of meats. Especially Farmer Vincent's Smoked Meats. Yum!

Too bad I am a vegetarian though 😞

Farmer Vincent adds a very special savory flavor to his smoked meats. He harvests humans by burying them neck deep and extracting their vocal cords to prevent them from screaming. There is something about helpless human beings that must add to the flavor huh?  I have to wonder, is there a Healthy Option Menu or do Human Ribs at least come with a side of salads? 

Motel Hell's Menu

Human Ribs With A Side Of Kidney Beans - Infinity Calories

Human Heart With A Side Of Crimson Soup - Infinity Calories

Human Finger Tenders With Crimson Dipping Sauce - Infinity Calories (so no mozzarella sticks with marinara sauce I take it)

One Thigh With A Side Of Toes - Infinity Calories

And Let's Not Forget, Farmer Vincent's Special "Sausage" with a side of soup made out of....(let's not even go there)

OK get the picture..

Motel Hell

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Happy Independence Day Everybody!

***And speaking of which, my brother is "biting the bullet" a.k.a. getting hitched this week, so I will be on a brief vacation. Posts will resume by next week!***

Silver Bullet

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Monday, June 25, 2018

The Woman (2011) - Complete Breakdown Of The All American Family

Where there was a man and a woman, came children. The man works over 40 hours a week while the woman stays at home taking care of the children. A picture perfect family is a family with values, integrity, decency, respect, and love. Love for each other and love for the rest of humanity...

Love For The Rest Of Humanity....

Did I say this right? 

But if you look closely at the picture perfect family, you will see stains. A lot of them. The man who is the breadwinner and takes care of his family, has power, at least he believes he does. The man's home and family is his personal playground. And so is his cellar and what he plans on storing in it..

An adopted dog from the shelter? A cat in need of a home? Or a wolf in captivity? Or maybe a feral woman...

How do you "civilize" a woman that was clearly raised by wolves? Biologically she is a woman. Just like an animal has animal instincts, humans still have human instincts. But she snarls, growls, and roars like an animal. She is unable to have a human conversation. She tears and devours human flesh. And the man of the house, has instincts of a man, and the morals of an animal..

This is a clear textbook case of how the objective mirrors the emotional. Chris Cleek is a well known attorney. His wife Belle is a homemaker. They both have 3 children. Peggy, who is constantly down and miserable. Brian is a morally bankrupt boy who watched a couple of boys harass and bully a little girl, yet he just stares blankly making no attempt to save her at a BBQ.  And their youngest daughter Darlin has a habit of kissing random boys.  Brian has clear sociopath-like tendencies because he gets off to causing pain to others. Peggy is afraid of her father. Belle constantly puts up with Chris' abuse towards her and her children. When Chris captures a Feral Woman in the woods, he brings her to the cellar and he begins to have his way with her. She gets tortured and raped by Chris while Belle sobs herself to sleep, and Brian of course takes everything he has learned from his father and does the same to the Feral Woman. And Chris of course does not reprimand or ground Brian, nor cuts his penis off as punishment. His reaction to Brian raping the Feral woman is, "boys will be boys". Poor Belle and Peggy have to endure the monstrosity they have to live with. Darlin takes a fascination to the Feral Woman. Belle decides she can no longer live this way anymore and confronts Chris, telling him she will leave him and take the girls with her but he can keep his rapist son and the two of them can burn together. Chris being the man of power, hears nothing of it and beats his wife unconscious. Following that incident, Peggy's concerned teacher comes in for a visit to the Cleek family. She worries that Peggy may be pregnant just based on her actions and her wearing oversized clothing. Chris insists that Peggy does not have a boyfriend, he would know most definitely.

So no boyfriend yet Peggy is with child...hmmmm....

Chris beats the teacher unconscious too and drags her to the cellar with Brian's assistance, where not just the Feral Woman, and the vicious dogs are staying, but another feral as well. She is mauled to death. How could one man suck the the life out of his own family with his monstrous tendencies?

There you have it folks; the complete breakdown of the All American Family...

You see the point I am trying to make as to how the objective mirrors the emotional, is that Chris Cleek captured a Feral Woman, who biologically is still a human, for his own sick and convoluted purpose. He has no trace of humanity in him. He too is a feral creature in his own right. Once the Feral women were freed out of captivity by Peg, Chris, Brian, and Belle were all killed. Belle gets her face ripped off. Brian gets mutilated. Chris gets his heart ripped out. Only Peggy and Darlin survive and befriend the Feral woman and her mini feral. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day!

A Father with just too much patience for his own good.. He may not have been the biological Father, but Robert Thorn loved Damien as though he was his own seed. Never did he think he was the true seed of something foreign, alien, and EVIL....


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