Thursday, August 8, 2019

Macabre (1980) - Some Women Just Can't Let Go...

If whorish and negligent was a slot machine, then bitch you have just hit the jackpot!

Jane Baker is a sexually depraved and negligent mother of two children, a son and daughter. She has no qualms about breaking up her family and relentlessly goes on to pursue her affair with her lover Fred. While Jane continues to feed her carnal urges, her daughter Lucy drowns her little brother, Michael in the bathtub. When Jane gets the call, her and Fred frantically drive back home and end up getting into a severe accident leaving Fred decapitated. Jane enters an institution where she stays for some time. When she is released, she is not quite the same as she is still obsessing over Fred's death. Some mother huh? As a matter of fact, it is all Jane seems to give a damn about. To Hell with her ex husband and children. When she takes up residency at a boarding facility where a blind landlord, Robert is in charge, she continues her torrid affair with Fred though he is deceased. She keeps a memento of his severed head in the refrigerator where it is well preserved. And when her carnal cravings resurface, Jane takes the head back to the bedroom and has sex with it non stop. Robert is suspicious and Lucy remains completely and utterly resentful towards her mother. One has to wonder, did Jane graduate with A Dahmer Degree at Necrophile U? If so, she definitely graduated with high honors. Can you just imagine her walking over to receive her diploma and holding up Fred's decapitated head shouting, "I did it! I did it! Now let's go home and celebrate with multiple orgasms while I roll your head up and down each and every erogenous zone".

It is just a tad bit sick and convoluted beyond your darkest imagination. You might think it is all in Jane's head as she may still be in mourning over Fred's fatal accident. But what if it may not be? It turns into a very ugly showdown between Jane and Lucy as Lucy finds Fred's head in the refrigerator and then begins to leave clues letting her mother know that she is well aware of her necrophiliac tendencies. Would you like an ear lobe in your soup? Lucy later confesses that she was the one who drowned her little brother and Jane goes absolutely ballistic and kills Lucy. The blind landlord ends up then killing Jane. Is it over now? Has the insanity finally come to its' conclusion? Or has Jane screwed Fred's dead head one too many times and used her special juices of life to resurrect him? Maybe it is not all in her head...

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Nesting (1981)

Be very careful what you write about. As a writer, you create life and breathe it in your story and characters. 

Agoraphobic novelist Lauren Cochran rents a gorgeous Victorian mansion in the countryside. As beautiful as this mansion is, it is not all what it appears to be. Bizarre events pursue and aggravates Lauren's mental condition further.

Col. Leburn suffers a stroke right in front of Lauren and she begins to have creepy dreams of women occupying the house. She experiences a feeling of deja vu as she realizes that the illustration of the house appears in her novel The Nesting. She then gets locked out while on the ledge of the house and she sees in her own mind that there is a woman inside the house. Dr. Weber, her shrink attempts to save her and falls to his death. Then she gets assaulted by a handyman, Frank in the house. While he is in the midst of his attack on her, he levitates into thin air and then runs away frightened. He sees the corpses of two women lying in his truck and then runs into the woods and gets dragged into the pond and drowns. 

Lauren wonders now if this house she is staying in has some actual history. What happened here? Did someone get killed? Was someone trying to send her a message? After asking Abner, a drunk local bad boy, about the house, he attacks her with his pitchfork but by some unseen entity, the pitchfork is taken out of his grasp. Lauren then stabs him to death. Lauren begins to have precognitive nightmares and it is revealed to her that the house itself was once a brothel during World War II. Frank and Abner murdered several prostitutes and soldiers and then dumped their bodies in the pond. In one of Lauren's severe hallucinations, a woman named Florinda comes to her and reveals herself to be her grandmother. As a baby, Lauren was the sole survivor in the house. In the end, she envisions her manuscript burning and Frank's truck collide into the house and burn. She finally snaps back into reality and then leaves the house.

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The Twilight Zone - What's In The Box? (1964)

What's In The Box? Not a gift box obviously. What are you watching on TV? 

Grumpy old Joe Britt works full time as a Cab driver. His angry and disgruntled wife Phyllis cooks and cleans for him while he picks up women half his age on the job. This is a portrait of a miserable marriage with no love lost between husband and wife. After a long hard day of work, he comes home to a hot meal that has been reheated 3 times, and instead of a hug and kiss for his wife, he just picks an argument. He does not choose to sit and spend time with his wife, just prefers to pop open a can of beer and sit in front of the TV set to watch his wrestling. 

His TV is a bit screwy so the TV Repair guy fixes it for him..

But when he turns on the TV, something else comes on air and it is not just wrestling..

Is that a soap opera or Joe's guilty conscience? This particular "TV Show" Joe had no intention of watching...

Stay Tuned For Your Precognitive Programming!

Joe sees what's about to happen due to his straying. His guilty conscience is being aired right in front of him and it will lead to the unthinkable! 

Phyllis mocks him and his affairs. Joe has lost it and now is making her lose it too. 

This is what we all fantasize about during married life, killing our spouse. And Joe did that all right. Their domestic dispute caused him to punch his wife right out of the window making her fall to her demise. This is not what he predicted because the TV predicted it for him and off to jail and death row he goes..

TV Repair In Your Area...Free Of Charge..

But of course, nothing is really free. A guilty conscience will cost you!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Nest - 1988

La Cucaracha La Cucaracha...

Let's play this song while doing the Riverdance on these ugly disgusting poor excuse for creatures. I feel gravely sorry for anybody in this life who has that "Cockroach" mentality when it comes to other human beings; that mentality to step on others just because you can. With that karmic debt, you will come back as a cockroach in the next life! I can make a laundry list of all the true cockroaches in this world. Generally speaking cockroaches are harmless but they are repulsive beyond belief. But these cockroaches devour every inch of your human body the same way a Piranha would, all thanks to a secret breeding project that will allow these killer roaches to assume the life form of whatever they kill...

I can never fully comprehend why stepping on an ugly soulless bug is considered mean. I've been told that I am mean for stomping on a bug and spreading its' guts all over the floor. Hell, to be really evil, I have even taken a 10 llb. dumbbell and smashed it right splat on the shell of the bug and that crunch while unsettling, made me feel so  I guess these killer roaches are trying to execute revenge by mutating into evil proportions to get back at us humans for stomping on them so nonchalantly..

Thursday, July 11, 2019


Sin. Punishment. Rape. Torture. Witchery. Hex. Heresy. Scams. How would you like to have Lord Cumberland as your leader? Any individual falsely accused of a crime gets either a hand severed off, or lynched. A woman accused of being a witch gets assaulted. And if you get accused of lying, well then it will be the last lie of your life. Once your tongue gets ripped out of your head, you lose the ability to lie. But where does the dire need for torture come from?


Once you lose the power of your manhood, you have to compensate in some way right? 

Well it could always be worse, I mean you could get beheaded just for missing Church on Sundays. But all kidding aside, was there any truth to the crimes committed or were the witch trials a big scam just for monetary and sexual gain? What sort of execution should there be in mind for a vile heap of human scum like Lord Cumberland?