Thursday, December 14, 2017

Venom (1981) - Where Does The Head Of The Serpent Lie?

The most deadliest snake in the world, The Black Mamba, has been let loose while a scheme to kidnap Philip, a ten year old boy suffering from serious asthma, for ransom comes into fruition. 

Who does that? Who is the true snake here?

You can see so much of yourself in an animal. What happens when your carnivorous  reflection stares right back at you and tries to fight you? 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Burning Moon (1992) - One Of The Banned Horror Movies

When the full moon is out, the crazy people come out and do their crazy dance...

One of my fondest memories of my childhood which I have mentioned in the past, is going to the video store up the block and browsing the Horror section and renting a frighteningly depraved Horror flick for the weekend. The mom and pop video stores were my ultimate favorite stores to go to because they had Horror movies that the commercialized video stores would never have for the simple fact that they were BANNED...

Yes you heard that one right, some Horror movies are BANNED.. Due to depraved and highly graphic content or what I'd like to call "goregasmic" content, some individuals may not be able to stomach seeing someone getting their heart drilled out of their body, or a woman swallowing a human eyeball, etc. etc. etc. So what would I do knowing these films I could not rent elsewhere? I would actually go and RENT the BANNED films!

When a cat is curious..what happens to it?

Now tell me, would a movie consisting of two stories that entails a vile maniacal serial killer, and a condemned priest who mercilessly rapes women, be considered appropriate for bed time story telling? Not really, unless you are a heroin addicted degenerate of a brother...

Julia's Love

The first story is about a young lovely woman named Julia, who is obviously looking for love in all the wrong places..

A killer, who suffers traumatizing flashbacks of a murder he witnessed as a child, has escaped from the loony bin.

A kiss that leads to bloodshed with Julia's family being slain so graphically and her mother's eyeball being shoved down her throat. Mommy can see the filth inside you now. Eye for an eye anybody?


The second story, called "Purity" is well, anything but. A psychotic priest lives a dual life where he rapes and tortures women during the night and serves his congregation during the day. Talk about sins of the Father. All the Hail Marys won't save your soul from eternal damnation..

As the full moon burns, the Devil, the Demons, and their Disciples all come out and do their crazy dance...

(despite the trailer date saying 1997, the movie actually came out in 1992)

Gore To The are over 18 by the way right?

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Nightmares Come At Night - (1970) - An Erotic Nightmare

You've got your demons, you got your desires, well I have a few of my own.. - The Eagles

Nightmares usually do come at night. But they can also come out during the day. They can turn into "daymares". Especially when you have been seduced by a sexy and powerful woman. Sex can make you lose your grip on reality. It can be exhilarating. It can be traumatizing. A traumatic orgasm maybe?

If you imagine murdering somebody, blame it on sex. If you are not sure weather you just imagined it or actually did do it, blame it on sex. Blame it all on sex..

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Who Portrayed Ted Bundy Best?

Handsome. Intelligent. Charming. Social. Personable. Friendly. And let's not forget, a soon to be Lawyer. The kind of man every woman wants to bring home to Mommy and Daddy right?

Did I forget to mention, he is the kind of man that can love death?

So, with movie star great looks, which actual movie star played Ted Bundy best?

1) Mark Harmon - The Deliberate Stranger (1986)

2) Michael Reilly Burke - Bundy (2002)

3) Bill Campbell - The Stranger Beside Me (2003)

I now hear Zac Efron will be next...

This should be say the least..

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The New York Ripper (1982)

The city streets are comprised with all kinds of individuals. From the 9-5 job goers, joggers, bike riders, hookers, etc., you are bound to find a deranged Donald Duck enthusiast who is executing Jack The Ripper's heinous legacy..


When your phone rings and you hear Donald Duck's voice on the other end, taunting you, then just remember, it is a message. He has killed and will continue to kill...

Jack the Ripper had a hard on for prostitutes. The Donald Duck Enthusiast a.k.a. The New York Ripper is no different. A bunch of loosy goosies get slaughtered in the most heinous and gut wrenching way possible. A bike rider let's a complete total stranger into a car with her on a ferry, after a misogynist belittles her for accidentally scraping his car, and she gets disemboweled. A live sex performer, gets a broken liquor bottle shoved up her wazzoo and sliced all the way to her reproductive organs. Jane, a woman whose husband gives her the green light for an open marriage, gets hammer toe f*cked by a bar fly and reprobate, and then humiliated for being such a whore, ends up getting picked up later on at night by a man with two fingers missing. Hmmm..wonder where  he will put the other remaining fingers he has left... But they end up in his hotel room engaging in a colossal bondage session, that ends later on in her being incised up from the abdomen too after her poor attempt to flee. Kitty, a prostitute on retainer gets horribly maimed by a small razor blade. Faye, a simple girl from the subway, gets attacked brutally in the alleyway but survives, at least physically. So do you see a pattern yet?

A misogynistic maniac without a doubt. And why? Because this maniac hates sexually active and free women. Does every killer have a story? Sure they can. All you have to do is look at the pattern of brutal killings to assume the motive. In this case, the killer, was someone you would least expect...

It was Faye's boyfriend Peter!

What was his motive? His daughter from previous marriage, Suzy, had a very rare disorder which caused her left arm and right leg to be amputated. Peter vowed revenge for Suzy who will never be able to enjoy the freedom that his victims have. So he sliced and diced them and was never enough. 

Quack Quack Quack goes the ducky...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Feast Your Eyes On This...Drew Stepek's Sequel To Knuckle Supper - Knuckle Balled

Vampires and Drugs take over the streets of Texas! This Thanksgiving, here is a tasty side dish for you!

Sometimes we search for Demons in Horror Movies and novels, but fail to acknowledge the true demon; ourselves. Drew Stepek illustrates that point in his sequel to Knuckle Supper, Knuckle Balled, by utilizing ingredients of Grindhouse, bloody, violence, exploitation, which blends into a recipe of beneath the skin Horror. No pun intended....

Please visit, and if you want to get your fix this Thanksgiving!!!