Thursday, March 22, 2018

THE REDEEMER: Son of Satan (1978)

After 10 years, you receive that long awaited invitation to your High School Reunion. Are you a tad bit curious just to see how everybody actually turned out? Is "The Most Likely To Succeed" actually successful now with worldwide bank and trust investments he has set up for his six children? Is "The Most Popular" still very much so loved and emulated by all? If "The Most Prettiest" any prettier or has she already peaked in High School, and now actually has wrinkles which she mistakes for laugh lines? You get the picture. But this particular High School Reunion is only meant for 6 people. And the gracious host is not too pleased with how these particular class fellows turned out...

John Sinclair : A morally bankrupt lawyer
Cindy: Thrill seeking girl who gets around
Terry: Has an enormous appetite but is famished as far as being productive goes
Jane: Poor little rich bitch..
Roger: An actor who thinks the world is only his audience
Kristen: a lesbian who is still in the closet

According to the Redeemer, these individuals all created a life revolving around sin. So now they must get their final High School Reunion party favor..

I guess now that times have changed, nobody actually needs to wonder what became of their fellow classmates all thanks to Social Media. Too bad there was no "Most Likely To Call People Out On Their Bullshit" category...LOL.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Serial Killer Interesting Fact...

Did you know Jeffrey Dahmer's favorite movie was the Exorcist III? According to one of his would have been victims, he would watch the movie and chant while rocking back and forth...

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Eldritch Horror - Cities In Ruin Expansion

Violent earthquakes contort cities to unrecognizable ruin, unrelenting typhoons eradicate coastlines, and deep below the Earth something ancient stirs. Shudde M’ell, The Cataclysm from Below, approaches with destruction and ruin as his heralds! Cities in Ruin sees four new investigators take up the fight against the Ancient One Shudde M’ell, a being so powerful its mere dreams bring cities to ruin.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Delirium (Le foto di Gioia) - 1987 - Cover Girl Corpse

Work it cover girl. The camera loves you. From head to toe, you own it all. The world is yours. You are irresistible. You are impeccable. You are irreplaceable....

Beauty can either be a blessing or a curse. It can exploit you. It can KILL you. Former model, Gloria, inherited a magazine from her late husband, called Pussycat, and she is as stunning as she is successful. Her models are drop dead gorgeous and know how to sell. And the copies sell out a lot faster once a model gets murdered...

And when a model gets murdered, she becomes a prop for the next photo shoot...

When the photos of the mutilated models reaches Gloria's office, immediately we are made aware, that this is not a threat. It is a message. Eventually Gloria gives into Flora, who buys Pussycat from Gloria hoping it will bring an end to the slayings. But does it? Most of all, who is doing this and why? Is it a former model who got blocked a lucrative opportunity by another model? Is it Flora, who wanted to buy out Gloria? Is it a former lover of Gloria's? Maybe even the lead photographer who may want to take his craft to the next morbid level? Or her paraplegic neighbor Mark who takes a liking to Gloria? God this industry can be so brutal. Passion and politics do their dance in the crazy world of modeling. It is literally a cutthroat business. From pitchforks to multiple bee stings, a department store death to a dead body in the backseat, the maniacal model killer shows no mercy as he lovingly slays these beautiful women only to get back at only one beautiful woman....Gloria.

And when Roberto, the photographer who is a suspect in these brutal slayings, gets hit by a car and dies, the case is considered closed. But it is far from closed as she sees her impotent brother Tony's body floating in the pool. And who is the killer now?

None other than Gloria's impotent brother Tony! His motive was to protect his sister and get closer to her. I mean did he really have a chance with any of the other models he tried to be with? And who is going to love you more than your own brother right?

Work it cover girl..The camera loves you. From head to toe, you own it all. The world is yours. You are irresistible. You are impeccable. You are irreplaceable....

Monday, February 26, 2018

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: High Beams

Turn your brights off asshole!!!

At least that is what I feel like yelling out whenever a driver behind me is that inconsiderate enough, not realizing he can blind me causing me to collide onto oncoming traffic or a tree. You can actually get fined for this sort of misdemeanor.

But maybe, just maybe, the driver behind you may actually have good intentions. If the driver sees something or someone you don't, it is his moral obligation to warn you. Some truck drivers may think they own the road, but not this one. For the young girl driving back home, she was definitely not alone and the man in the back seat did not have nearly the same good intentions the truck driver did. 

I won't lie, after reading this story since childhood, I do get very apprehensive when someone behind me turns their high beams on. This story has been one of the oldest and famous Urban Legends and Urban Legends have some fact rooted into them. But who is this so called man hiding in the back seat and what does he want? What is his angle? 

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