Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Dead End (2003) - Dashing Through The Snow....

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Did you ever think as the hearse goes by that you may be the next to die? 

Christmas family road trip to the relatives has never been more dragging and dreadful. Frank decides to take a shortcut to his mother in law's house and falls asleep at the wheel. The long dreaded drive could put anybody to sleep. His family screaming as the car is headed for a collision, wakes him up...

But what exactly does he wake up to?

Everybody's misery remains the same. Except for Frank's wife Laura, who is more in the Holiday spirit than anybody else. Siblings, Richard and Marion with her boyfriend Brad, do nothing but bicker. Richard seems to have a hard on for Brad, constantly mocking him. The drive is grueling and long, with a near collision, nobody can stand to be around one another, until a woman in white holding a baby, wearing all white, steps into view. Frank sees the woman may be in dire need of help, so he lets her in the car. She remains subdued until they stop at a wooden cabin. Richard runs into the woods to wank off to a photo of a pinup model, while Frank and Laura look around. Marion walks away leaving Brad and The Lady In White alone in the car. The Lady in White's baby is all covered in blankets. Brad tells the Lady that he plans on proposing to Marion, although she is not quite on the same page as him. Finally the Lady In White speaks back. She tells him her daughter's name is Amy and gives the baby to Brad. Brad wonders how the baby can even breathe with the blankets covering it. The Lady In White responds that it is because the baby is dead. As it turns out, the baby underneath the blankets is a corpse....

The prelude to insanity begins as Brad gets killed and then Richard gets killed. Marion goes into a state of shock. Laura loses it entirely. They pass a sign to "Marcott" which is not on the map. Laura shoots Frank in the leg, and begins to suffer from grand delusions of an old friend of her's whom she wishes to reunite with. Laura jumps out of the moving vehicle and her head gets smashed by the impact, leaving her brain matter exposed. The Lady In White returns and Frank punches Marion unconscious. Frank is the last to fall at the mercy of The Lady In White while Marion survives. The hearse has collected her entire family excluding her..

Marion wakes up from her comatose state. The doctor reassures her that she and her baby will be fine. Her family died in a collision leaving her as the sole survivor. The crash also claimed the life of another woman and her baby.  The doctor starts speaking to a man who found the family at the scene of the accident. She reveals to the man that her name is Dr. Marcott. As she tries to leave, she sees that her car won't start. The man offers to give her a lift in the same hearse like mobile...

Monday, December 10, 2018

Classic Anti Drug PSA "Diving Board"

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The high diving board is for the daring ones. Do you dare to jump in? Do you know what you are getting yourself into? I don't recommend climbing up those steps...

The horror of what drugs can do to you and where it will lead you is formidable. If there was just somebody behind you, pulling you off those steps you are climbing, or a voice of reason, could you be saved? Could you maybe realize that there is no winning, only losing? You are not jumping into a fountain of youth my dear. With drugs, you are only jumping into a "Dead Pool"...

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Twilight Zone - The After Hours (1960)

In an alternate universe as we have discussed before, the concept of reality does not quite coincide with our own. We cannot understand why we think the way we do or say the things we say. There is no recollection of how we ended up where we are. Did somebody shake their soda bottle with "Universe" labeled on it, popped it open and out explodes the contents of the world just like a volcano? We look around and we cannot recognize anybody. We can't even recognize our own selves. 

That is how poor Marsha ends up in a strange Department Store looking for a thimble. 

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Shell shocked much? Why is the Department Store empty with only the specific item she requested? Maybe it is a "Mannequin Mentality". Here for your viewing pleasure. Markets the best clothes and accessories of your liking. You can look but you can't touch. But mannequins have feelings too. Somewhere in that plastic body lies some sort of a need to belong.

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It is time now. It is time to accept your previous reality and enmesh that with the "trial" reality. Maybe somewhere in your journey, you will see some common ground between the world of mannequins and human beings. I mean is there really that much of a difference being that a lot of human beings can be fake and plastic too? A lot of them possess the "Mannequin Mentality"...

The Twilight Zone Marsha White 3 3/4-Inch Action Figure

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Looking For Actress 18-24

Female actress between the ages of 18-24 needed for a Pitch Trailer, for an Independent Horror Film. Must live on Long Island or New York City and have reliable transportation. This position is unpaid, but meals (while on set), IMDb credits and personal references will be given. This could lead to a future paid position.

Seeking Caucasian female, slim to average body type, dark hair, but open to blonde or red hair as well, no visible tattoos or piercings. Send a short video (30-60 seconds) of you acting terrified, as though something is creeping up behind you (imagine hearing the pitter-patter of little feet coming across a pitch-black room), ending with a terrified scream. **Facial expression is key**

Please send current head/face & full body shots (CLEAR cell pics are acceptable), resume/level of experience, and video to TheNightmareNook@gmail.com.