Monday, May 1, 2023

Apocalypse Love (2023)


What would you do if the world was going to end tomorrow? Overused, trite, and a cliche that question is I know. But the world always comes to an end; our world that is...

It's the end of the world as we know it...

And the world as we know it will inevitably come to a conclusion. Our one true love when ripped away from us, equates to an end, which IS OUR end. The end of OUR world as WE know it. In this world, nothing is forever. It begins and eventually ends. 

But is it possible that in some necromantic way, our end could be delayed or even altered? Every end is a new beginning after all right? Can we adjust to a new life after our initial end, where we reunite with our true love, in new form?

Undead form...

The countdown to the Alien/Zombie Apocalypse is ticking fast and Tom must find a way to resurrect BB. BB was the love of his life, who tragically got killed on Prom Night, causing Tom to suffer immense backlash. He enlists in his ex girlfriend Izzy's help since she practices necromancy.  In a perfect world, a rejected and broken hearted ex girlfriend designs her ex boyfriend's true love's body bag, I mean a body bag never looked to fashionable!  Is Izzy just being the more mature puppet or is it just a Zombie/Alien Apocalypse epiphany?

A Punk/Goth/Emo love story, being conveyed by a bunch of gorgeous, big eyed puppets, with enviable fashion sense, moves and entertains us through this unique concept and imagery. Vera Vanguard is a Puppeteer Goddess!!

10/10 Rating!!!

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