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Welcome 2 The Nightmare Nook Horror Blog..  This is for true avid fans of Horror who wish to take the nightmares with them to this very site.  Weather it be horror films, books, bloodcurdling nightmares, or maybe even real life skin crawling experiences, The Nightmare Nook Horror Blog has been designed and tailored to suit your Horror needs.  So sit back and enjoy the thrills, for that very sound you hear, maybe a scream from your nightmares........

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Hmmm lets see...where do I begin? Since 4 years old, I have been a fan of the Horror Genre. I am surprised my parents allowed me to rent Count Dracula (1970), which was my first Horror movie. I suppose my calling in life had found me, it just took me THIS long to now respond to it. Now my career is blogging full time about Horror Movies, Nightmares, and anything related to Horror. I also write my own fictional stories. My inspirations include Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Alvin Schwartz, just to name a few. 

Aside from my Horror Blog, I am also very active in charity work, which is my other calling in life. My background also includes Non-Profit fundraising, Public Relations, and Event Planning. 

Ok, enough gory details about me...lol..

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