Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is Friday the 13th All About?

Has anybody ever wondered if there is more to this "holiday" besides living in fear of being stalked by a big masked dude with a machete, ready to gut you open like a fish? Does it make you afraid to go skinny dipping in the lake at midnight or getting caught fornicating?

Apparently as superstition and folklore would have it, it is a day of extreme bad luck. When the full moon is out, the wolves come out and play, although I am not sure if there will be a full moon tonight.  Although some people, even if they aren't superstitious, will be on their toes while others may consider the possibility of something going wrong in the back of their minds.  What do you think?  Has anything out of the ordinary or unpleasant happened to you or anybody else you know on Friday the 13th?

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