Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creepshow 2


Ok everybody, now that the holidays and festivities are over, I am back in the grind.  Last time I gave my 2 cents on one of my favorite Horredys Creepshow.  It is only fair I do the same for Creepshow 2. With this one as opposed to the first one, there is a lot less comic relief and more frightening. 

Chief Woodenhead - Segment 1

In every culture and religion there is that one venomous seed that infects the culture's reputation.  Call it rebellion or plain old ignorance, but The Higher Powers don't play games.  You think you are above your Higher Power, well think again. 

The Raft - Segment 2

Back to the drive in movie theatre visual again.  This time however, it's not The Blob, it's The Raft!  I just don't get these hormonally incapacitated college kids.  Who goes swimming in the Fall??  And who the hell leaves their vehicle doors open?  My guess is that this "blob" or oil slick had an appetite for a bunch of stupid kids, one with a selfish agenda of his own. 

The Hitchhiker - Segment 3

This one is my favorite one of them all.  Ahh how I love when adulterers get their conscience tormented!  Some bitch with a Mercedes Benz and a rich husband needs variety elsewhere, and apparently is never going to be satisfied with what she already has.  She should get a DWI because she was too intoxicated with self gratification that she ends up running over an innocent hitchhiker!  Did she care? Maybe, but not enough to get out and help the poor guy. But he made sure she did end up caring!  Bitch, you took my life!  Apparently, compared to your lavish life, mine wasn't worth it to you, I mean Hell, I never owned a damn Mercedes Benz!

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