Monday, January 20, 2014

Trilogy of Terror

Three tales of terror = profound nightmare impact.  Trilogy of Terror  equals 3x the fear factor.  I remember when I was little, I forget how old I was, but my Grandfather and I were flipping through channels and there was Karen Black (God rest her soul), being terrorized by this vile looking doll with stringy hair. Unfortunately, I only got the remaining 10 minutes of the film.  Sometime after that, curiosity got the best of me and I rented the movie to watch in its entirety. Not just once either. I still remember my Dad yelling at me "You are NOT watching THAT movie at 3 in the morning"!.  Of course, I didn't listen..

Part 1 - Julie

Every time I watch this segment, I can hear Van Halen's Hot For Teacher playing in my mind.  For Chad Foster, a spoiled prep kid who can't settle for less, he played with fire beyond anything daring and got burnt...literally.  But Julie is very much to blame. She is a witch disguised in glasses and drab who spellbinds students to their death.  I mean boys don't just get random obsessive thoughts of seeing their teachers in the nude out of nowhere...

Part 2 - Millicent and Therese

Dress her in drab and you'll have a prude. Put on a blonde wig, smear her with lipstick, dress her like a hooker, and you have the Devil's incarnate.  

Part 3 - Amelia

I can seriously relate to overbearing mothers. But dear Lord Amelia! Are you suicidal?! You are being terrorized by a possessed Zuni Fetish Hunting Doll and you call the police rather than fleeing your damn apartment! Maybe some people may find comic relief in your situation, but in all honesty, if it wasn't for the horrific end result, your controlling and overbearing mother would never have a lesson she'd obviously never live to learn...

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