Friday, March 7, 2014

Love At Last Sight...

The worst fear is of not knowing...not remembering.The mind has a very dark corner that entraps us in if we allow ourselves to succumb to the external demons of the world. It creates an alternate reality where reason is questioned. Those demons can comprise of many things, including mind altering substances. But do we choose to align ourselves with the demon or does the demon choose us? If it chooses us, is it because it senses a vulnerability or a lack of faith about us? This fictional story is being told from the point of view of a man whose true love is a bottle of Vodka. And the love cannot be severed. But the setting takes place in the dark corner of the human mind. When you think of true horror, think of the horrors man creates when he's this vulnerable...This story by the way, is not based on a movie or a book. It is a story I wrote myself...


I will never forget the day we met. Our parting glances ended up locking themselves into each other, turning into what it seemed to be, an endless gaze. You were standing in the aisle of the store in just one position, staring at me from afar. It was as though you were waiting for me. I will never forget how you looked to me. My God, you looked so tempting. Blue, black, and clear white are my favorite colors now because those are the colors of your favorite dress which hugs around the curves of your body. My, how irresistible you looked. When I walked over to you, we spoke without speaking. You read my every desired thought and I read yours. You had me under your spell. At that given moment in time, my world stopped dead in its tracks and it was just you and me. Nobody was around. Nobody even mattered. It was just us. My mind was made up. I wanted to take you home. I wanted you to spend the night with me. Forget the plans I had with friends for a movie night. Forget work in the morning. Forget cooking a nice hot dinner for the family. What are family and friends anyway? Their company did not alleviate the pain I always feel inside. I never understood my own pain or why it was even there, but I would give anything to make it go away. Nothing in the world was ever enough for me it seemed. That is, until I met you. When I held you in my arms, my body and mind started to float. As soon as I got you in my house, I just kicked off my shoes, undressed, and sat back on the comfortable sofa with you by my side. I never felt so relaxed in my entire life. You made me smile, you made me laugh, you made me jump up and down and run around in circles. It was safe to say that it was the best date of my entire life. Nobody else ever made me feel the way you did. Where did the pain go to now? It was fading away, just like I knew it would. I never wanted you to leave my side. But by the end of the night, you had to. I guess it was time for our night cap. But you said to me that you would like to see me the following day. You told me to come and get you. Same time, same place. How could I say no? Your beauty and your touch consumed me. You were all I could think about and I could not let you go. But I could never tell family and friends about you. They simply would never understand. If anything, they would try to interfere between you and I and there was no way I could let that happen. It’s ok, this is our little secret, even though not for very long…

Fast forward to one year later and look at how deep our love has grown. My friends have all deserted me. They say I have changed since I met you. They don’t think you bring out the best in me. My parents worry about me. They are contemplating shipping me away. My love for you is dangerous they say. It is killing me slowly but surely. Our love is poison that is spreading throughout our entire family. My God, how it kills me to see my parents sobbing every night. They will never approve of you because you helped me get out of a job I absolutely despise. It is considered irresponsible in their eyes. They just don’t see how happy you make me. You make me so happy, I can’t see straight sometimes. Your love is blind. It is blinding me so much that I bump into walls. I fall down stairs even. But I laugh about it. I have never laughed this much in a long time. You have me so spellbound that I can’t even remember things for hours on end sometimes. I can’t remember how my friend got that black shiner under her eye. She isn’t speaking to me anymore but I can’t understand why. We were so close since childhood. Why was I not there to witness her accident that mangled her face like that? I would have protected her and kept her out of harm’s way. What did she do anyway to deserve that? With her not speaking to me, I have no ride to work or to see friends anymore, considering my car has a massive fender bender and is not in driving condition now. I don’t remember how that happened either. I was just told that we, you and I, were both behind the wheel and that I was lucky at that given moment, I was only in the driveway pulling out and not driving on the roads. Wow, what the hell is happening to me? Where am I? This doesn’t look like my bedroom, at least not that I remember. Where are my parents? Who is this man beside me and why is he referring to himself as a Doctor? Oh my God, help me, I don’t know where I am! Where are you? Why aren’t you by my side like you always said you would be? Please, they are going to kill me in here! HELP ME! HELP ME!

-The Chosen One-

Written by Zainab Ali

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