Wednesday, April 23, 2014


And Ted Bundy and Jefferey Dahmer were kids once as well....Monsters have their makers. Who were Mikey Trenton's?

Talk about every Forensic Psychologist's wet dream..LOL!  Ok, all joking aside, but this is true terror in a tiny package. Mikey Trenton is not a typical 9 year old boy. He's hormonal, damaged, and evil. Well evil doesn't always have an explanation. Mikey, however, is what you would call a disassociated child. Again I am not a doctor so certain terminology I may devise on my own with no actual clinical backing. But I suppose calling Mikey "damaged goods" would be more appropriate considering the line of work I'm in...

You have a child who has been abused by his biological parents and has been tossed around like a hot potato from family to family. So what do you expect? A male version of Little Orphan Annie? He was just like Bundy and Dahmer, hypersensitive to any single ounce of rejection, and the defense mechanism was obviously deadly. But he was just a 9 year old boy. A 9 year old boy looking for love. So where do we draw the line between rejection and evil? 

We can blame a child's upbringing. But not all children kill.. In Mikey's perfect world, he would have  a normal mother and father who love him unconditionally, a brother or sister whom he wouldn't feel the urge to drown in the family pool, a little cat whose neck he wouldn't end up snapping, and a requited love interest with blonde hair and blue eyes with no boyfriend to be morbidly jealous of. Ahhh, life could have been perfect and just peachy. Except it wasn't...Everybody who rejected Mikey, either real or perceived ended up paying the emotional price. They were in for a real shock, no pun intended.Well maybe sorta, I mean Mikey did have a thing for electrocution..

I suppose watching Mikey should make you appreciate your own parents. Hell no matter what my problems may be with mine, I know I love them and they love me. But for children who were deprived of that unconditional love, to the point where they knew that they were obviously not wanted, does it justify killing? As a child, can you get away with murder? 

So, are you in line for adopting a sick sociopath in the form of a 9 year old boy?

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