Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fright Night - 1985

Meet your new next door neighbor, Jerry Dandrige. He is handsome, charming, sexy, and the kind of man that can turn a woman's insides to jelly. But of course, there is that one inevitable catch. You see there is one slight problem....

Jerry Dandrige is a vampire!

And poor sex starved Charlie Brewster knows his next door neighbor's deadly secret but nobody believes him. I guess his entertainment on the television set is now live in his own backyard. Not his mother, not Amy, and not even the police believe him. And unfortunately, neither does Peter Vincent at first. 

I am paranoid when it comes to a lot of things but should I be paranoid if my next door neighbor is excessively charming? Should I wonder what his deep dark secret is? Should I surround my habitat with garlic and crucifixes? Although, why would any woman want to ward off Jerry Dandrige? And for a creature so handsome and mystical, the lack of reflection in the mirror does no justice. Listen to me, I am sounding like I wish I had Jerry Dandrige as a next door neighbor. I know for a fact Charlie felt nothing but sheer regret.

Gee, how come I'm not getting that kind of action with Amy after going with her for only so long and he is able to kick it with a random broad the moment he moves in??

You see, whatever issues Charlie and Amy had in their relationship, the biggest issue that interfered with them was Jerry. Of course, Amy bore a very uncanny resemblance to Jerry's long lost love so that did not help. You think Vampires can't love?  

Talk about the Night Life! Patrick Swayze has nothing on you. 

Now night clubs tend to get very congested so in case you are wondering if the hot dude you're dancing with is a vampire out of the bunch, all you have to do is stare back at the reflection in the mirror. Or lack thereof....

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