Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zombie Movie Filming In June!

19image Productions, LLC provides video services for music videos and promotional material. They have transitioned into film making as of last year. Below is their press release pertaining to their upcoming film Infectious. Also, please visit their website,www.19image.com.  

19image Productions Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Fund their Upcoming Short Film INFECTIOUS. 

A medical breakthrough causes a zombie outbreak when it mutates within certain individuals in the trial program. This is how it began. 

Portland, ME, 25th April, 2014 

This project was two years in development and the entire team at 19image Productions has worked so hard to just get this far. Actors and crew donated their time and talents to get all of our demos made for one goal of making the feature film INFECTIOUS. This is that last stage before they get to the feature film. They need to make a short to submit out to film festivals and gain more exposure and hopefully reach out to distributors and/or investors. Movie making is not cheap or easy, which makes the final product worth all the struggles along the way. 

19image Productions is funding this project with loans and personal investments. They want to make a film that everyone who loves the zombie genre will thoroughly enjoy. That is why they have launched their Kickstarter campaign. They want the fans of this genre and fans of their concept to help them make this project a success. Zombie movies are a dime a dozen. People have seen hundreds of them in movie stores and on digital Medias like Netflix and Hulu. Quality will set INFECTIOUS apart from all these movies. 

This short will detail what happens to the main characters the night before where the feature film picks up. State Trooper Mark Foster and his family are heading to the emergency shelter when they cross paths with one of the infected. Local police officer Sharon Brochier has a similar encounter at the scene of an accident, after a high speed chase. The main characters are about to find out that things have gone past the point of containing the outbreak and that there is more to the infection then once thought. This film will be directed by filmmaker JL Major, of Portland, ME. Major has assembled a cast and crew from the New England region, including Cinematographer Mikel J. Wisler of Boston, Massachusetts and Special Effects Makeup Artist Julie LeShane of Waltham, Massachusetts. 

Major is looking to film the entire short for INFECTIOUS in Southern Maine the first two weeks of June. The initial funding target for this project is $15,000USD. However, 19image Productions would love to get as close to $35,000.00USD as they can to reach their stretch goal. For more information on the movie, visit  www.infectious-movie.com which is the official website for the project. 

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