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Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

(Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II- 1987)

The crown is hers to claim. It belongs to her. No other Prom Queen can ever hold a candle to her. If they try to claim what is rightfully hers, they won't make it to the Prom Night After Party. Because the crown is hers...It's hers...All hers..

"Hello Mary Lou. Goodbye Heart. Oh Mary Lou, I'm so in love with you". 1957 was the year for Mary Lou. And oh yes, Mary Lou Maloney, beautiful, stunning, the apple of every boy's eye, angelic on the outside, but very mean-spirited on the inside. I suppose the more beautiful you are, the more you believe you are the center of the universe. Beauty and sex is power. Hell has a spot reserved for Mary Lou, who is guilty of lustful tendencies. After confessing her sins to the priest, she confesses "I loved every minute of it".

Come Prom Night, the night Mary Lou Maloney will make her mark on the school. And Billy Nordham, the love of Mary Lou's life, or better yet, the flavor of the moment, will fall prey to Mary Lou's hidden ugliness. He buys her a ring with their initials on it and she politely asks him to go get her some punch. He comes back and she is nowhere in sight. She's moved onto her next flavor of the moment, Buddy Cooper, backstage. Billy overhears her admitting to Buddy that she is only with Billy because his father is rich. Billy catches them but does Mary Lou give a damn? No way in Hell. She's the Devil in a Prom Dress. It's not who you come with, it's who takes you home...That's the punchline Mary Lou gives Billy before she punches him...By throwing fruit punch on him in front of the whole school of course, leaving him jilted and humiliated. 

You're going to wish you never did that. All the beauty and p*ssy in the world can only give you power for so long. But oh, the Almighty always falls doesn't it? I will knock you right off your pedestal, bitch...I will give Hamilton High something they will never forget. You will never get your crown now. Oh Goodbye Mary Lou. Goodbye Soul. Oh Mary Lou, I'm so going to get you... 

Looks like poor Buddy Cooper isn't going to get lucky with Mary Lou anytime soon.
Fast forward 30 years later. It's pure and virginal Vicki Carpenter's turn to claim the crown and become Prom Queen. Kelly Hennenlotter isn't her only competition however.... 

Shopping around for a Prom Dress can be a drag. But wearing a dead Prom Queen's Prom Dress is a demon waiting to possess you..

Jess, Vicki's distraught friend who discovers she is pregnant and her boyfriend won't have anything to do with her. After school, she tries on Mary Lou's cape and tries to pick out the jewel from the Prom Queen's crown. Mary Lou won't have her crown toyed with. Jess ends up getting strangled by an unseen malevolent force and then thrown out the window. Looking like a suicide.

Vicki becomes plagued by nightmarish visions. Water fountain pouring blood, Bum in school claiming his love for Mary Lou, trying to attack her, Jess's face in the soup..Looks like somebody is trying to make Vicki go loco before Prom.....

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Guess who Vicki turns to in confidence.. Buddy Cooper! 30 years later he is now a priest! I guess after the death of the 1957 Prom Queen, Buddy did not want anybody else. He must have feared every girl would blow up in flames as they were about to give it to him. But for Mary Lou, NOBODY was allowed to have Buddy now that she is back. So p*ssy may have some power.. Buddy visits Mary Lou's grave and his bible blows up in flames. You're lucky it was JUST your Bible and not YOU! You didn't save me from burning to death. I would have been the best p*ssy you have ever had...You didn't want me enough to save me from combustion. I guess you couldn't find anything hot that could ever come close to me, I mean Hell, you're just a celibate priest!

And guess who Vicki's boyfriend Craig's father is... Hamilton High's Principal, Billy Nordham! Mary Lou's jilted and vengeful boyfriend. Buddy tries to make amends with Billy by warning him that Mary Lou is back and will take revenge in order to obtain what belongs to her. He pleads with Billy to take Christ's name before Mary Lou possesses him. Billy doesn't listen of course..


Vicki is losing her self-control. Slowly but surely. After envisioning Kelly as Mary Lou, and slapping her, she winds up in detention. She's not alone however. Mary Lou beckons to her via chalkboard which eventually turns to liquid and pulls Vicki in and taking over her completely..


Mary Lou is back with a vengeance! 

Then, Monica's brains get splattered in the girls locker... Some best friend...


That's just a sneak preview... Oh Billy Boy, Prom Queen is coming for you! 

It is Prom Night!!

Nobody gets in the way of Mary Lou Maloney.. While still in Vicki's body, she seduces her father and telekinetically smashes her prudish devout Catholic mother through the front door. I told you not to force all that mumbo jumbo about The Lord, sex before marriage, etc. down my throat..

I get it, you bribed Kelly for a blow job so you can rig the Prom Queen computer votes in her favor so she would win. But I will have you convinced in a flash that I'm the rightful owner of the crown..And I will matter what!

After learning of Buddy's death, Billy now knows he has to stop Mary Lou..


Billy calls out to Mary Lou. He has her crown! He has what is rightfully hers!

Ah, how the whore and her jilted boyfriend have reunited..'s not who you come with.. It's who takes you home..

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