Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Monster's Last Dance

Halloween. Trick and Treaters, funny costumes, summoning of evil spirits in the woods, and not to mention, parties. A day of make-believe...

Brandon Wilde, 29, a young Attorney, obviously had plans of his own. He was a big partier on special occasions, especially Halloween. His girlfriend, Jana, though not a party animal like Brandon, enjoyed the festivities Halloween had to offer. Most of all, she loved how her and Brandon could be whatever or whomever they wanted  just for one special day. 

The Lunar Eclipse, which was the name of the club Brandon and Jana had frequently gone to, was holding their 7th Annual Halloween Masquerade Party. Brandon and Jana decided since they were officially a couple, that they should wear a complimentary costume for couples. Jana would go as Bonnie and Brandon would go as Clyde. Both with fake guns and a lot of counterfeit cash.  

It was 9 P.M. and the line for The Lunar Eclipse's Masquerade Party wasn't as long, but it looked as though a good majority of people from neighboring towns showed up. My were their costumes interesting. One woman came dressed up as Elvira. One man came dressed as the zombie from Michael Jackson's Thriller. Typical costumes. Brandon wasn't paying much attention to the people though. Him and Jana were standing on line and conversing among themselves alone. Brandon was looking forward to ruling the dance floor. However, Jana's mood seemed adrift. She seemed rather uninterested all of a sudden. "What's wrong honey?", Brandon asked concerned. "You seem nervous all of a sudden. Why, do you see someone on line that you may recognize?" The doorman was now letting people in and the line kept dwindling. Jana seemed further away from the partying mood and Brandon could not figure out why. He lost sight of the line and seemed more concerned about Jana. "I'm fine baby, don't worry. Let's get stamped and go in huh?", Jana replied defensively. 

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