Thursday, October 2, 2014

Carrie (1976) - What If Carrie White Had Lived?

Could an imminent tragedy turn into a happy ending? Maybe in a perfect world where schizoid religious fanatic, Joan Crawford wannabee mothers didn't attempt to murder their own offspring. Or in a perfect world where you have a scientific and genetic ability to change things for the better and not abuse the privilege? 

Carrie White was an abused and unhappy girl. Everybody is well aware. Abused at home. Abused at school. She had a telekinetic ability to make things happen just using her mind. She scorched all the bullies at her Senior Prom and later got stabbed by her mother with a shining kitchen knife only to return the favor ten fold Mexican style. But the tragedy only escalated when Carrie started to feel regret. 

First the murder, then the suicide. Carrie's powers are out of control and the whole house burns to the ground. Carrie dies...

But what if she didn't?

What if the story that began as a tragedy ended up in a happily ever after? Let's rewind back to the Senior Prom. The night Carrie White would never forget. A hunky Ken Doll on one arm and a rose corsage on the other. Tommy and Carrie were slowly but surely falling for each other. So long Sue Snell! Tommy knew of Carrie's situation but tried to break her free from her own prison. It was almost working. There was an impending bloody prank that would result in demise in store for Carrie and Tommy.  But Carrie deserves to live in the magic of the moment. And that moment should be everlasting..

After their first dance, they should have left for The Beehive where Tommy invited Carrie initially that night. To hell with the Prom King and Prom Queen. We are ditching this hell hole called High School! 

At The Beehive, while dining on non-authentic and processed meals, (Carrie could sure use a burger, assuming The Beehive sold that kind of junk food for High School kids who still get lunch money from mommy and daddy), Tommy and Carrie engage in a conversation that changes their lives forever. At first Tommy begins to talk about his High School Jock days and how much he despises being the most popular boy in school and how he has to live up to everybody's expectations of him. He confides in Carrie that he really doesn't want to go to College on a Sports Scholarship, but rather work after High School and live his life. He hardly mentions Sue. Carrie's walls finally come tumbling down and she professes her love/hatred for her religious fanatic Momma. She tells Tommy how much she wishes she could run away and start over just to live life for her and be normal. Both Tommy and Carrie are unhappy with their lives but now they are so deeply in love that they devise their great escape...together. 

Exit Senior Prom, enter Graduation Day. Sue is a distant shadow in Tommy's mind now, but she is fine with that. She is happy to have given Carrie her chance at normalcy so if that means stealing her boyfriend, well then so be it. Sue is a good sport about it like she always is. On the contrary, her and Carrie become closer, and others follow. Everybody except for the queen bitch herself, Christine Hargensen. Looks like somebody's shining star has fallen. Ah competition is so fierce! After Graduation Day, Carrie's mother notices that all her bags are packed and her room is empty. That is when Carrie divulges her love for Tommy Ross to her Momma and that she is now going to be living with him from now on. She's going to have a new Momma and Daddy too. Margaret White tries to chase Carrie with the knife swearing, calling her the "Devil's Concubine", but Carrie uses her telekinetic powers to send her Momma flying across the room and colliding with the wall, knocking her out senseless. Carrie and Tommy move in together and a year later, they both get their own place and get married.

Tommy doesn't go to college like his parents originally hoped. He decided to go into business for himself and own a landscaping business. Carrie, who loved to sew and had a great sense of design and flair, started working in a dress shop. She saved up enough money to open up her own design studio. Both are successful and happier than ever. Some friends from High School keep in touch but barely. Except for Sue. She remained close friends with Tommy and Carrie and now was dating a Pre-Med Student. 

Tommy and Carrie discover that now they are with child. Nine months later, they give birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sue is chosen to be the Godmother. Tommy's and Carrie's daughter has a blend of both their Barbie/Ken features. Typical blonde hair and blue eyes. 

A year later, when their daughter was learning how to walk and talk, they also notice something very peculiar or maybe not so much... Objects were moving in the house. All on their own...

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