Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nightmare on November 20th, 2014

This is a dream that took place a few nights ago. Certain scenarios have been added and names changed for reader entertainment purposes. This dream is open for analysis and interpretation.

I woke up and found myself in a hospital. The hospital did not look familiar to me at all. I don't even know what I was doing there. Was I in an accident? Was I sick? Why couldn't I remember? I was all alone that much I was aware. I immediately got out of the hospital bed and ran out of the room. The hallway was abandoned at first. I kept running and running until I found a door. I found a door to the left and it was another abandoned hallway. I ran down the hallway until I found another door. I opened that door and it was another hallway with nobody there! Was this an eerie maze I was trapped in?? Why can't I find an exit door?! I ran down the next desolate hallway and found another door. Someone was walking down the hallway. Oh thank God, I thought. Someone is here to help me. "Excuse me"! I cried out. The guy didn't look up at me. I don't think he even acknowledged I was there. I knew I cried loud enough for him to hear me. I ran closer to him. As I got closer, I realized, I knew this guy! It was my friend Ron! Oh my God, it was Ron! But why didn't he acknowledge me? "Ron"?? "Ron"??, it's me".. When I got close to him in proximity, I saw he wasn't himself. He was staggering. Blood was trickling down the side of his head. Oh my God, he wasn't even alive! He was a walking zombie! Then I saw other "people" walking down the abandoned hallway. "HELP"! I screamed. As the other "people" walked closer to me, they didn't look up and acknowledged me either, but I recognized them. It was my friend Louis. And my friend Stacy. And my friend Stephen. And my friend Jessie. And they are all zombies! They weren't flesh eating zombies just disassociated ones. I would do anything to have my friends come back to life. I ran out the next door and finally I see the hospital parking lot. I run outside to see if I could find anybody and I did. One of the doctors in his hospital attire was walking towards the entrance door. I ran over to him hoping he would be able to help me and as I got closer, I saw a chunk of his face was missing and all I could see is bone matter. Everybody in this hospital was a zombie! And here I was. Was I next??? 

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