Monday, February 2, 2015

Proxy (2013)

Proxy : a go-between, surrogate, representative, delegate, agent

Synonymous with someone who basically "does the work for you". 

The human mind is a horror haven of its' own sometimes. We are prone to being a victim of our own subconscious thoughts and desires. There is a reason the human mind has a subconscious base. Because we are not "allowed" nor should we ever contemplate anything perverted or monstrous, yet in the back of our mind, our thoughts are safe. We can't ever be judged harshly or locked up for what we subconsciously desire..

But what if there is an overt connection between one human subconscious to another? 

Both Esther Woodhouse and Melanie Michaels seem to share that ominous "connection". After an appointment with her OBGYN, Esther is brutally assaulted in the belly with a brick, by someone wearing a hoodie, but whose face remains unseen. She meets Melanie at a support group for the grief struck and they instantly become friends. Melanie claims her husband and son were both killed by a drunk driver, and that is why she attends the support group meetings. Later on at a department store, Esther spots Melanie who is screaming for her son Peyton whom she thinks maybe kidnapped. She eventually finds her son, not knowing Esther is watching from a distance and in a bizarre way, amused by what she's witnessing. When Esther goes home, her "attacker" is waiting for her. It's her lover Anika who performed the assault per Esther's request. She is also jealous of Melanie as her name is mentioned...

When Esther and Melanie meet, Esther tries to seduce her while telling her what she had witnessed in the department store. She claims that she is the only one who understands her. Melanie slaps her and tells her never to contact her again. Esther stalks Melanie's house and finds a way in. She finds Peyton in the bathtub and drowns him. Melanie barges in and asks Esther why she did this, and she clearly replies that she did what Melanie "cannot do herself" and now they can be together. Melanie's husband Patrick walks in and shoots and kills Esther. 

Patrick grieves heavily and is consumed with regret. He starts attending the same support group Melanie has been attending for a year. When he learns of this, he ends up leaving Melanie. All the same time, Anika who is enraged over her lover's death, tracks Melanie down to torture and kill her. She ties Melanie up and hears the water running. Thinking Patrick might be in the shower, she goes in only to find him dead. Melanie breaks free, holds Anika at gunpoint, and fantasizes about being interviewed on TV for writing a book based on the tragedy she has experienced. She is now advocating for child safety and self defense as she is remarried and now pregnant again. As her daydream ends, so does Anika's life...

Clearly we know who is NOT the victim here. The only victims are the children who are evidently not loved nor wanted by their mothers. And why? Because it's an inconvenience to the mother? Because it doesn't sit in well with her ambitions? Mothers are guilty of this heinous crime every single day. Just look at Casey Anthony. She too was supposedly going to sign a book deal, which if it did go through, I would NEVER put a dime towards buying from the most vilified mother in America. 

But my God, people like this actually roam the streets...............

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