Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Twilight Zone - Perchance To A Dream (1959)

Perchance: by some chance; perhaps

Perhaps you are dreaming. Or perhaps this really is happening. It may not all be in your head.....

Edward Hall is the quintessential insomniac with a bad heart. He can't sleep for days though he wants to. He is afraid if he goes back to sleep, "she" will find him and kill him. But if he stays awake, his heart just might give out and kill him just as well. He tries to explain to his shrink what the problem is and looking for a possible remedy. There is no way out. Because Maya, the "Cat Lady" awaits for him in his dream.


I guess dying in your sleep may not be the most puuuuurrrrfect way to die. Just like house cats can steal your breath in your sleep, Maya the "Cat Lady" will steal your heart...literally...

Maya means "illusion" in Sanskrit.

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