Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cabin Fever (2002)

I got you under my skin....

College kids. Partying. Sex. And pancakes! Let's celebrate the start of Spring Break by shacking up in a cabin in the woods of all places. Screw the beach..

Jeff and Marcy are a hot couple who can't keep their hands off each other. Paul wants Karen in the worst possible way but she doesn't seem to reciprocate. Burt is the 5th wheel. Doesn't look like Spring Break will be enjoyable for everybody.. And the town locals are not exactly playing with a full deck either...

Sooner or later, the sex and partying becomes secondary. There is a disease that is spreading like wildfire. It spreads worse than the town whore. It's infectious. It's contagious. It's bloody. And it's seeping it's way into your skin and it's eating and eating and eating..

A local hermit, who was previously shot by accident when Burt was out trying to shoot squirrels, comes back extremely sick. Burt tries to close the door on him but the hermit starts to vomit blood everywhere. Karen is a hysterical mess but only to be consoled by Paul. 

OK, 3rd base was not everything you thought it would be...In fact, nothing is...

Jeff is nowhere to be found, Karen is dead, so now it's just us..I'm giving you the "f*ck me" look.. Have you gotten the hint yet? 

After sex of course, it's time to bathe. Time to wash off all your whoreness for the time being.

OK...Owww..OMG...Eeeek...Even though I had to include this picture, in all honesty I can never look at it for too long..My eyes are rolling out of my head, my stomach is doing somersaults, and my body is turning into mush..It is all too cringe worthy and I have to distract myself during this scene..

There is an underlying fear we all harbor. We fear our teeth falling out, our hair, and our skin. If I develop an itchy allergic reaction and I can't help but itch all over, and that itching causes bleeding, I can't help but feel like something is burrowing under my skin and trying to consume me. A scientist may discover bugs or maggots under your skin. The scary part is, whenever this happens, in the back of my mind, I always think of this movie..

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