Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sleepaway Camp II - Unhappy Campers

Oh, I'm a happy camper
I love the summer sun
I love the trees and forests
I'm always havin' fun
Oh I'm a happy camper
I love the clear blue sky...
And with the grace of God, I'll camp until I die....

The "Angel of Death" in all her wrath and vengeance is all grown up and she will see to it that you do not enjoy your summer!

I have to be real here. I saw Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers when I was probably 17 years old before I got to see the first one. Normally people see movies in chronological order but I may be one of the very few who actually enjoys watching the sequels first. I like the mystery and the whole feeling of "I wonder who she really is or where she came from" or "I wonder what really happened and why"... As a matter of fact, I saw the third one before the first one too. 

Another thing I have to admit, I love the wild child crazy sexual fun. It is Camp Crystal Lake all over again. I mean you have a bunch of hormonal teenagers running rampant and you know that what they are doing is not morally right but yet the danger of doing something wrong and getting "punished" for it later on has it's own semblance of excitement. Is it wrong to say that sexual depravity is actually what makes a Horror movie even better? Damn, I really missed out on this during my teen years. Yes, I have issues, I know..

A good majority of campers do get killed. Some for fornicating, drugs, disobedience, lack of trust, etc. Weather it be via a tree trunk, drill through the brain, fire, chainsaw, or whatever, Angela does not play around. Most of the camp is wiped out. All but one goody two shoes and the "Virgin Molly". 

And here is her extreme polar opposite, cheerleader and harlot, Ally...

Vying for the same boy named Sean...

Of course some girls really do believe that they hold all the power in between their legs..But Angela knows how to bring them back to reality..

The party ain't over. You are one of the guests..

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