Monday, May 25, 2015

Sleepaway Camp III- Teenage Wasteland

Mommy and Daddy put their trust in you
You can make them proud
It's the least you can do...

LMAO, ssshhyeeahhh right??? Parents, are you really sure you can trust your hormonal imbalanced teenagers? No way no how. Not at Camp New Horizon, formerly known as Camp Rolling Hills, and even prior to that...Camp Arawak... In my own words, I'd like to call these camp grounds, "Angela's Playground".

Again, I will mention that before seeing the first Sleepaway Camp movie, I saw both the sequel and this one. The reasons being that one, our local video store did not have it at the time, and two, I love the whole "what really happened and how did it all begin" feeling. And yes, this movie from the Sleepaway Camp series gave me the same feeling. Its all the same but you still can't get enough. A bunch of hormonal hussies who are away for the summer, can't keep their libidos in their pants, and it makes me think, damn, morality can really suck! Just kidding..or am I?? LOL.

But in all fairness, Angela owns the camp. By now it has to be fairly obvious that she needs to get laid, Or did her crazy and vile aunt brainwash her into believing that sex is a sin and that those who fornicate need to be punished. Geez, I can't decide who is worse, Angela's aunt or Margaret White, Carrie's mother..I feel like yelling out, "Bitch, maybe if you gave it a try, you might actually like it" I am just kidding now..

But let's not punish Angela entirely. She actually may have a point, I mean some of the campers are just downright vile!

Just to point out a few...

We get it, your wife is a nagging cow who needs to wear the pants..

So much to the point where you can't wait to get out of yours... But how low can you and your latest bimbo go? I mean maybe she has Daddy issues. Or Grandpa issues? Or maybe there is no other explanation other than she's just a downright rich dirty skank....

"Thank God there will be one less idiot in politics". LMAO every time I watch this wannabee president or politician try to get lucky with Angela!

Looks like the camp had to snatch up some thugs with a foul mouth! Maybe camp will provide you some discipline.. But that's just wishful thinking..

Bitch with a chip on her shoulder who hasn't gotten lucky at camp yet. Nor will she ever..

Snowboy really doesn't do anything wrong. He's just naturally stupid..

Lily is such a lazy cow but that isn't a crime is it? I mean hasn't she been punished enough? Her cheating hubby is screwing around with a camper who is young enough to be their daughter!

And Cindy...Poor little rich girl..

Again, this is just to name a few on Angela's shit list. But all in all, Camp New Horizon is a Teenage Wasteland!

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