Wednesday, June 10, 2015

IT - (1990) - Friends Forever

The real clown does not laugh with you....IT laughs AT you..
IT can appear to be friendly..
IT has a personal agenda..
IT knows your weaknesses..
IT knows everything you are afraid of..
IT found you as a child..
IT will find you again...
IT will attempt to destroy you...
But the one thing IT cannot ever sever is a bond. An iron clad bond formed by a single fear of IT...
 The Losers Club..

Henry Bowers and his goons.. 

Nobody else can see IT...

When you look at The Losers Club, it can put things in perspective as to what a true friendship really is. Friends of course need to have a common ground but sometimes that ground is built on sand. I look at the friends in my life that have come and gone and wonder if a friendship stops existing, maybe it was just never there to begin with. I mean how well do friends really know each other? Sometimes it is a certain fear or weakness that others can relate to which forms an unbreakable bond. In this case, it was some kind of demonic force dressed up as a clown, that terrorized these young kids. And on top of that, they were being terrorized by the school bully Henry Bowers and his gang. One way or another, this group of friends will always have each other, if not nearby, at least in spirit. And they will reunite 30 years later on a strength of a vow, to destroy IT...

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