Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Urban Legend (1998)

To believe or not believe.. That is the question. 

There are many myths and urban legends out there that we all have heard of numerous times. The man in the back seat of the car, the prank phone call the baby sitter receives from the upstairs line, vanishing hitchhiker, ghost in the mirror, etc. All of these urban legends have a story behind them. But some of those stories change over time and add different versions to them. 

I remember when I was younger, my cousins and I would try to summon Bloody Mary in the bathroom mirror. I also recall that I was the first to scream and chicken out. To this day, I dare not take the risk of summoning her evil spirit. Even if I didn't believe that there may be some truth to her story or different versions of it, I still would not take the chance. 

Some people think it's a crock. Some people think it's superstitious. But what if urban legends are inspired by real life frightening scenarios that occur everyday? Today you may be served a dead rat in your local fast food joint, and that restaurant will get such backlash, that ten years later people will still talk about it. Some may never even go near it again. Is that how an urban legend starts? Do we create our own urban legends?  

Have you heard the story about a college student who does away with her college friends so she could avenge her fiance's accidental death?

I guess there can be an urban legend for every era. Maybe in every lifetime, the vengeful college student's ghost will haunt the dorms on campus and do away with students. That or possibly, become a reincarnate. This lifetime, her name was Brenda. Next lifetime it may be Mary. If that is the case, then the legend of Bloody Mary will have another variation added to it. Bloody Mary will be a disfigured woman, a woman who lost her baby, a witch from the Salem Witch Trials, and now a vengeful college student. But this vengeful college student does not live in a mirror. She lives in the dorm right next to yours! She may not appear in the mirror, but she will be more likely to appear on a desolate highway to hitch a ride if her car supposedly breaks down by campus, OR she may appear in the back seat of your car!

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