Sunday, July 26, 2015

Teeth (2007)

Every rose has it's thorns...

Well p*ssy doesn't eat itself. But there is one that will bite you if you violate it. Inside a woman's secret garden which is of course, her vagina, lies another mind. Your genitalia is the portal to that secret garden which harbors love, fear, trust, happiness, sadness, etc. It is the second head below the waist, and yes, women can think with the wrong head too. But in every garden lies a snake. A woman's secret garden can too. OK, maybe not a snake, but crabs at least. Sorry, I couldn't resist LOL. But for Dawn, a virginal and troubled girl, her secret garden contains a set of teeth. Razor sharp teeth. If violated in any way, the teeth will bite your entire genitalia off. Her secret garden is far from precious. It is a wild jungle in there. When aroused with consent, Dawn's toothed vagina will retract it's teeth. But one false move and you can kiss your manhood goodbye. That would be very easy to do with a detachable penis too. But poor Dawn. I mean she's a virgin and has a vaginal problem that goes way beyond any STD's or infection. On the flip side however, no guy can ever use and abuse her for sex.

I can replay the JAWS theme in my head every time I watch the sex scenes with Dawn and the pricks she's screwing. Your manhood is not safe. There should be a bulletin with a warning saying "Toothed Vagina On The Prowl".

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