Saturday, August 1, 2015

They Live (1988)

And what happens when The Hot Rod is all out of bubblegum??

The world is a very misguided place sometimes. We are never our own person. We belong to something else and that is THE MEDIA! The Media is a cult of its' own and it's everywhere. The face of the media can be downright ugly. Because let's face it, the media doesn't give a shit about your well being. They just want you to lay out the greens. We are brainwashed to obey the elite because the elite has what most of us may not and that is power. And thanks to a special sort of sunglasses, John Nada is able to see that the world is nothing but a front and that the powerful and elite are just vile and ugly beneath the surface.

This gets me to think of course, is the world really one big walking, talking hidden message? We all put on a front to a point. Is everything we read, everything we see, and everything we hear, secondary to an ulterior motive of some sort? Why am I getting this eerie feeling that I am in the minority here? 

When I was little, maybe 4 years old, I will never forget this horrendous nightmare I had. I was asleep and facing the wall, then all of a sudden, a projector image popped up on my wall. I saw a newscaster giving his daily report. But this newscaster was grinning a very ugly and horrifying grin. His teeth were all rotted. I woke up startled and ran right into my parents' bedroom. I was so scared to sleep with my face facing the wall after that because I was so afraid that that evil newscaster would pop up again. Now, I sleep facing the wall all the time, but in the very back of my mind, I still fear he would come back. But it makes perfect sense to me. A newscaster, who is supposed to deliver the daily news, sometimes delivers the most unpleasant scenarios to our very own television sets. To the media, nothing is worth the money unless it can shake you up a bit. For these media journalists, bad news SELLS! It is vile and so sick it makes the bile turn in my stomach. So in my own interpretation, I think that the evil newscaster was so motivated by the gold and the green that he purposely tried to frighten me. It was his power over my dreams. 

I had always tried to make sense of that nightmare as a child. Now it looks like I may have a clue. Of course I could always be wrong but it's just a thought. 

***Rest In Peace Roderick George Toombs, a.k.a. Rowdy Roddy Piper - 1954-2015***

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