Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Scream (1996)

My boyfriend's back and he's going to kill me...
Hey La Hey La, my boyfriend's back...

Sorry, I just couldn't help but misquote the lyrics. It's rather fitting don't ya think? But what could be more romantic and sexy than having a hot boyfriend who loves Horror movies and wants to bring them to life? I guess the more appropriate question is, would you like to be in a Horror Movie? If so, which one? What's your favorite scary movie?

If you like Nightmare on Elm Street, maybe we can arrange the finger knives prop and maim you to death while you sleep. If you like Halloween, there is a blank eyed white mask with a long butcher knife hidden somewhere in the closet, awaiting for October 31st. If you like Psycho, well...there are a lot of Mama's boys out there who are still attached to their mother's mammary glands and would absolutely kill for their approval. But if you would rather watch a ghost faced knife wielding maniac run around and terrorize people, then all you have to do is look right behind you...

Yes Horror has officially come to life. Be very careful which movie genre you prefer because there will always be one obsessed Horror fan that will take his love for Horror movies one step too far. Is it psychotic or in some twisted way, intriguing?

To love or not to love a psychopath?

Sex for the first time with a serial killer? Hmmm. What an interesting choice and in all honesty, a very hot one at that! What do Billy Loomis and Norman Bates have in common?

They both kill in the name of the MOTHER!!

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