Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sleepy Hollow (1999) - Off With His Head!

How does one operate without his head? After all it is your skull that protects your brain and your brain that governs every movement, every action, etc. Think of your head as a bureaucracy. Critical decisions are made by your brain which is once again, located inside your head. Yes you can "think" with your heart, but all votes need your brain's approval. And not for nothing, but I really don't think I even believe in the whole "thinking with your heart, listen to your heart" bullshit. Your mind controls everything, INCLUDING instinct. If we could all survive without our brains then why would life support be needed for accident patients? If your brain is dead, then guess what? So are YOU! Your heart beats are not too far behind.

But what if your instincts were being controlled by a force outside your brain? A supernatural force that cannot be reckoned with? How do you explain that?

I guess I sort of get it now. Let your horse do your thinking for you! 

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