Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Halloween (2007) - Who Made Michael Myers?

The most notorious serial killers and monsters have a history. They have their makers. Even Frankenstein had his maker. We all tend to blame genetics for an extremely horrible outcome of a human being. It is one of the things criminal psychologists get off to. But in the case of Michael Myers,there are the critical questions of who and how. 

Michael's home life was rather dysfunctional. I'd say the privilege of being a fucked up family is highly abused. His mother is a single mom who strips at the local strip joint to support her family. His mother's boyfriend or live in partner is an abusive leeching alcoholic piece of shit. And his sister is a promiscuous bitch who verbally abuses him. Hell calling her a bitch is being too nice. He resents his entire household with the exception of his mother and baby sister, whom he refers to as "Boo". He gets bullied in school on top of that. But what I want to know is, how was the monster seed created? Was it an external and social factor or an internal genetic one? Who was his father? His father had died according to his sister but what was he like? Did he have monstrous tendencies? 

It is hard to say especially because I am not a licensed psychologist, but Michael was a victim in his own way. He grew up around neglect and hatred. Yes his mother might have loved him but she was also part of the reason he got bullied in school. She was definitely not somebody you would be proud to call your mother. She also made poor decisions  when it came to live in boyfriends. In all honesty, I would NEVER allow a man who hated my children into my life. What does that say about the kind of mother you are? And your choice of occupation?? Are you f*ckin' serious??? 

Do you realize that your son's classmates have horny fathers? Sure the money is easy and it's good, but there is such a thing as getting a real and RESPECTABLE job! Your son is messed up and your daughter is easy. Are you not aware that you are inadvertently killing them? And in return, your son starts killing! He kills his prick of a stepdad. Slays his c*nt of a sister and her latest lover. And from there, his streak continues though a decade later.

Yet his loyalty remains to his one "Boo"who is innocent of all this...

And he escapes the loony bin to reclaim his long lost love. The only real love worth fighting for...

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