Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween III - Season Of The Witch (1982)

Who says Halloween is only for kids? For kids it means costumes and candy. For adults it means sexy costumes and drinks. For parents it means stocking up on candy to give out to little trick or treaters. But does anybody give this dark and fun filled holiday a second thought beyond trick or treating?

Or Treat then Tricking?

Dr. Dan Challis is a divorced Doctor with kids, who enjoys the company of booze and other women. His family is apparently not a top priority for him. He is constantly breaking his promises to his children much to his ex wife's dismay. When a gruesome and non-explicable manslaughter takes place at the hospital, Dan and the murder victim's daughter Ellie make it a point to find out who killed him and why. It's time to play detective. But not without a little pre-Halloween treat...

I'll be your Daddy now...

Now for the trick...

There is a factory located in a very quiet small town called Santa Mira called Silver Shamrock. This factory is owned by Irishman Conal Cochran. Silver Shamrock specializes in Halloween masks for children. The factory is comprised of "workers"in suits. These "workers" protect the very gruesome secret that Silver Shamrock harbors.

Let's just put it this way, these Halloween masks you cannot find in stores...

And that "accident" happened to an adult woman. But the true "accident" is meant for the children.

This is the ultimate TRICK! The blood of these innocent children put air into the spirit of Halloween. This is the ultimate Halloween human sacrifice. And now Dan has to save his own kids from this evil festive fate. Though it may be too late..

Trick Or Treat!!!

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