Saturday, December 5, 2015

Scary Stories 3: More Tales To Chill Your Bones By Alvin Schwartz - Harold

OK, this man that you apparently don't like all too much, now becomes a prop for your hatred and amusement. You think nothing of it when making a scarecrow that looks like him. I'm not saying it's wrong to express your hatred. I mean hate is a very very strong and critical emotion. I dislike a couple of people but hate only a very select few and for good reason. I am only human after all. But never have I thought of actually making a stuffed doll that I can spit on, stomp on, mock by smearing food on it, maybe even impale. I guess it can be good therapy to vent out extreme hatred...

This just goes to show you that the more you waste your time on hatred and retribution, the more life you are breathing into the person you hate. Why not leave it be and let karma handle the rest? Oh but you did not actually know that the stuffed doll that you created would actually come to life. You didn't actually harm Harold, you just harmed a doll that you created in his image. It had no emotion at all, until you abused it so bad to the point where the inanimate doll actually felt it.. That means Harold himself had to have felt it. So why did one of you end up getting killed? Why was the Harold doll carrying out your flesh? Perhaps Harold himself told it to?? Does that mean Harold was more than just a hated fellow farmer, and was actually evil???

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