Saturday, December 26, 2015

Stepfather 3 - 1992

How do you go about trying to discipline uncooperative and unappreciative family members who are trying to contest the All American Family values? Discipline? Divorce? Or Death?

"Daddy" has a new face now.

Before, it was this:

His heart must be made of tin for him to get stabbed more than once and then survive. This loony tune escapes the loony bin and decides it's now time to start over and find another family to marry into.

This is your "Daddy" now.. Meet Mr. Keith Grant..

Wow! What a one helluva plastic surgeon...Why couldn't Michael Jackson and all the other plastic surgery addicted celebs have used the same doctor?

You could have had me fooled if I didn't know any better. And others will be fooled too.

Family #1. Mother and Father are divorced and son is in a wheelchair. Andy is not very accepting as is the norm with children and step parents. Unfortunately he is also too intuitive and smart for his own good. He is a born FBI agent. He knows there is something "off" about his step dad..

Damn computers back then. Nowadays if you want to find out anything about someone, all you have to do is GOOGLE them. Maybe people like Andy invented Google? Anyways, he goes to live with his biological dad for a while to Keith's dismay. So much for keeping the family together.

Family # 2 -

It's just Mommy and son. Father passed away. No competition for you now. Not with this family at least..

Two timing hypocrite who preaches "family values" and the significance of keeping a "family" together. I am convinced somehow that these serial killers possess a certain charm that allures women to them. After all, look at Ted Bundy.  This boy is at least more accepting than Andy was. But when Andy returns back home from his Dad's house, "Family #2" becomes a tad bit of an inconvenience.

Cheaters ALWAYS get caught. If not right away, the truth comes out eventually. Just bet on that one. Wife #1 works in the same school Girlfriend #2's son goes to....

Emotionally, both women deal with the same fate. But for the Stepfather in disguise, this maybe the one self defense retaliation he is unable to recuperate from...

Click on this link, The Stepfather 3 ending .

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