Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dreams of War

I haven't posted about my nightmares in a while, so here goes. I dreamt I was in a war. Not trying to fight but trying to run to a place of salvation. Me and two other friends whom don't exist in real life, were trying to run and hide but there were sinister guards on every corner. There was no way out. I knew at that given precise moment that this was Doomsday and I was going to die. Doomsday or World War III, whatever you would like to call it. Humanity all around me was dying. I saw people getting thrown in a Lion's cage being torn piecemeal. People were being tortured so mercilessly that I dreaded my fate. The world around me was going to burn. It was one big concentration camp. I even overheard one of the guards say that they will put me in the gas chamber but then decided on a more torturous fate than that. It was my time. We all were going back to where we came from. But before humanity's final execution, the guards decided to put on one final rock concert and a fireworks show to give us one final thrill before the end. 

Now the dream dictionary may state different things when attempting to interpret this.  It could be maybe I feel imprisoned or I have difficulties accepting others. Neither is true in my case, but I will admit that with all the country bombings, police shootings, hate crimes, etc. that blows up my news feed constantly has made me feel so angry, sad, powerless, and scared as though humanity around me is dying. Hate has become a very bad social epidemic that is wiping us all out a little bit at a time. 

#WillItEverEnd? #ItsTheFinalCountdown

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