Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day of the Animals (1977) - Welcome To The Jungle...

You know where you are??? You're in the jungle baby...You're gonna die.....

Let's all take a day trip and go camping. It's fun filled with a bunch of total strangers. We don't know each other from a hole in the wall, yet somehow, we must all learn to survive this particular camping trip. 

The Ozone Layer is depleting and somehow a bunch of hapless hikers need to survive. Animals are being infected mentally and their canine carnal instincts escalate to formidable proportions. Maybe now is not the smartest time to own a puppy. This camping trip does not just affect the animals. Humans too turn into animals in their own right. Long hikes, sweltering heat, no food that is easily accessible, will eventually cause one to snap. 

Lions and tigers and bears...oh my!!!

And maybe, dogs, rats and snakes, oh shit!!! 

There may come a day... A day where the jungle conquers all and humanity will be wiped out...

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