Friday, January 6, 2017

The Bed by the Window - More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark by Alvin Schwartz

College dorm mates, jail inmates, and Nursing Home inmates, but same difference right? Mates of any sort share something similar don't they? They all may want what the other has. In this case, Richard wants what George has, the bed by the window. George has pretty much reached the end of his rope, so let him enjoy his final moments. If he wants to experience the only semblance of freedom he has left which entails looking at life through a bedroom window, then let him.  Of course Richard envies George. He wants to experience that same freedom. Outside, there are people, cars, pizza parlors, and everything and anything accessible to only the outside world. So now what is the only logical thing left to do?

Richard decides to hide George's pills for his heart condition in case he has an attack in the middle of the night and a nurse cannot get to him in time. If George dies, Richard can get moved to the bed by the window. And when Richard finally does get moved, all he sees is a blank brick wall...

So what exactly was George "seeing" that Richard couldn't? Was George senile? Or perhaps he had a special power that linked him to the outside world. If there is a moral to this story, it may be that you need to be careful what it is you wish for. Or that greed and envy is a dark evil thing. Greed and envy caused Richard to kill George, and subsequently, he saw the same darkness outside the bedroom window...

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