Monday, March 13, 2017

Jessica: A Ghost Story (1992)

What would you do if you found out your wife was screwing around on you with your own brother???

1) Confront her. If she denies it, then just believe her. After all divorce is worth every pretty penny and will definitely suck the life savings out of you.

2) Pretend to forgive her at first, then screw her sister.

3) Screw your brother's wife.

4) Confront her then knock out all her teeth. Let's see how her oral fixation works for her then.

5) Confront her then kill her.


6) Hire someone to kill her for you...

There was just something about sweet ole' Jess wasn't it? If I had a sister, I would never let a man come between us. In Dan and John's case, it's a story of love and jealousy. One wants what the other one has. For Jessica, she wanted to have her cake and eat it too..

Dan and John met Jessica as children. Dad was infatuated instantly. John wasn't very impressed at first. He thought Jessica was very dingy and dirty. Later on as the boys got older, they both fell hard for Jessica. Dan ended up marrying her and John met Kate and got over Jessica at least for the time being. Dan found out at some point that Jessica was having an affair..

After that, Jessica is found scorched to death..

3 months later, Dan and John are being tormented by Jessica's ghost. It wants revenge. But why? What did Dan and John do? 

Well...let's see. After learning of Jessica's affair, Dan hired a Hitman to meet her at a bar, give her company, and let her think he was just giving her a ride back home. After the bar, she is never seen alive again. John was supposed to meet Jessica at the bar but never showed. And why? Because it was HIM whom Jessica was having the affair with for 7 weeks until her death. Dan does not know this at first. But both brothers' conscience is being tormented. 

Clues from fire, hissing sounds, foul odors, standing on the street dressed in a white shroud, vanishing hitchiker, etc. begin to consume Dan and John until they go insane. Kate, who learns she is pregnant, sees a vision of John and Jessica making out passionately. It is then she learns of John's affair. Jessica used to love painting. While John is over, Dan pulls the sheet off the easel and sees a portrait of Jessica and John making love. The truth is out. A guilty conscience is revealed. Now Dan, after confronting then punching his own brother, needs John's help. It  has to end once and for all. It is time to let Jessica finally rest in peace. So the two brothers dig up her grave and find Mr. Bishop, the hitman who set Jessica on fire. It is then that Jessica appears. At first she scares them. Then the two brothers begin to see their Grandfather, dog, and others who have passed on before them. They were surrounded by a white divine light and now welcoming Jessica back home...

Coincidental to popular belief, when a person is murdered unjustly, their soul stays earthbound waiting for an opportunity to execute retribution. In Jessica's case, however, she did not want to hurt Dan and John. She didn't even want to hurt Kate, though she did. She got her revenge on Mr. Bishop though, while he was doing another "job" for a disgruntled ex husband. But as for Dan and John, she knew her part in that whole drama as well. Dan and John couldn't stay angry with each other for too long, they both knew there was something about Jessica. In her own way, Jessica brought them closer together. 

It just goes to show, secrets and lies kill...literally. 

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