Sunday, March 5, 2017

The House By The Cemetery - 1981

Ahh Real Estate has reared it's ugly head once again...

Except this particular head isn't ugly..

Has a face of an angel to be honest. But her deep ocean blue eyes tell a different story. 

Can't we all look like mannequins? Flawless...

This innocent little girl receives a precognitive visual aid...

Death of a potential lingere or runway model posing as a babysitter is just one of the few perks you will receive when moving into The House By The Cemetery.. But just like any house in a Horror Movie, there are dark and evil secrets. Does it ever make you question where you live if you own a house by a cemetery? Would you ever wonder who occupied it before you? Perhaps a certain doctor who conducted illegal experiments did??

This Dr. Freudstein has a hard on for the occupants of his house I'd say. 

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