Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl (2016)

Sweet lonely Adele. Agoraphobic Aunt Dora. Mysterious and seductive Beth. All 3 ladies are intertwined in a dark web of innocence, obligation, vulnerability, corruption, love, and phantasmagoria. Teenage and lonely Adele has to take on an unpleasant job of being her Aunt Dora's caretaker. Aunt Dora never leaves her room and Adele has to constantly bring food upstairs to her. Poor Adele is so miserable but does what she needs to do. Especially because her own mother is strapped financially and Aunt Dora does have the money. So if she dies, there is a good chance her family will inherit everything. Talk about being responsible and mature for her age right? That is until she meets beautiful, sexy, and seductive Beth...

All it takes is one person. One slip up. And then everything changes. Everything begins to go downhill from there. Adele takes a very peculiar liking to Beth. Adele wishes she could be just like her. Beth picks up on Adele's vulnerability like a radar and begins to pursue a friendship with her. The friendship turns into a bond then love. That love takes precedence over Adele's obligations to her eccentric aunt. 

Beth did not have to try hard to win Adele's heart. Her sensuality is obscure and contagious. With a snap of her fingers, she can convert an angelic Adele to a morally unhinged individual. I mean boiling a live frog?? Seriously?? And what is in it for Beth really? What is she trying to gain? Does she just love the power and thrill of seduction and corruption? She has some kind of an agenda all right..

Adele begins to sink even more especially after Beth rejects her and Aunt Dora is found dead. What is the connection between those two? 

When the demon enchantress swallows your soul, it is your turn now to live in Hell...

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