Sunday, June 11, 2017

Silence Of The Lambs - FBI Agent Clarice Starling

Who is this infamous FBI Agent?

A true go-getter. She is a super passionate intern who is married to her career. She will do whatever it takes to make it to the top and excel, even if it means treading on extremely dangerous territory. This assignment will either make her or break her....

Hello Clarice....

Clarice has a mission and that is to track down Serial Killer, Buffalo Bill. But she has to cross the line of fire and blood to do so. Hence she goes down to the Baltimore Mental Institution to meet with Dr. Hannibal Lecter, the Cannibalistic Murderer. He aids her in her search by verbally providing clues about Buffalo Bill in exchange of the gory details of her personal life. 

Do you hear that noise? It is the noise of fresh young lambs being slaughtered...

Clarice did not have the ideal childhood. Her Father who was the town Marshall in West Virginia, was fatally shot during a robbery. Her mother died when she was young too. After her Father's death, she was sent to live with her uncle on a sheep and horse farm. That is where she witnesses a bunch of lambs being slain to their demise, traumatizing Clarice to the point where she runs away. After that, she is sent to spend the remainder of her childhood in a Lutheran Orphanage. 

In her University years, she meets Dr. Jack Crawford and later joins the FBI...

The lambs keep screaming but does anybody hear them???

In my honest opinion, I think Clarice Starling can be a role model for most young ambitious women who want to pursue careers in Criminology. But overall, Clarice is a heroine. She was willing to do anything to succeed in the assignment given to her in tracking down Serial Killer Buffalo Bill and she did so with flying colors. But her guard had to be knocked down by a lot which is not easy for any human being to allow. She allowed Dr. Hannibal Lecter to go skin deep (no pun intended) into the vulnerable details of her life, exposing her fears. It is needless to say that the relationship between The Sadistic Cannibal and The Infamous FBI Agent is far from over. 

Can we save Mary's Little Lamb now?

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