Saturday, June 3, 2017

Who Was Jigsaw? - (SAW Franchise)

Pinwheels on the cheeks and bloodshot eyes makes for one sick and daunting individual. It is the voice of the sick and dying John Kramer. After a failed suicide attempt, he begins to find a deeper purpose to life. What is his purpose? To teach others how to value their own life. But it does not come without several hard tests. Some may be gruesome. Some are downright dangerous. But it's a game. A sick game where Kramer plays God with your life. And while it may be true a lot of individuals don't have much appreciation for life, but should making them see the error of their ways lead to highly destructive proportions? Every individual who signs up to participate in this sick game of "How Much Do You Value Your Life?", gets set up to lose one way or another. One must wonder how genuine Kramer's concern for these individuals really is. 

Now, let's start putting the pieces together and mind you, I am no Psychologist or Criminal Profiler..

Kramer has a knack for "helping" others. He was a successful civil service engineer who formed The Urban Renewal Group, whose mission was to execute property development for needy people. Kramer married Jill Tuck and persuaded her to open up a clinic to aid in the recovery of drug addicts. It's motto is "Cherish Your Life"..

Cherish Your Life....

Do YOU cherish your life???

Then Kramer meets William Easton, the manager of Umbrella Health Insurance Company. As they get to know each other, Kramer realizes that Easton decides on the life and death of his clients by seeing who is permitted for coverage and who is not. Subsequently, Kramer becomes a client of Umbrella Health.

Then Jill, who is expecting a boy, Gideon, suffers a miscarriage after one of her patients, Cecil, slams the doorknob into her stomach. This is the price you pay for helping others huh? Now Kramer begins to deteriorate, both physically and mentally and attempts to take his own life by driving off a cliff.  Kramer survives, but it is then his perspective on people change..

Here comes the mission..

You don't know what you got until it is gone. Or almost gone. Such as your life. What impact has your existence made in this life? Or has it made any impact at all? Let's find out then. Kramer's first test is Cecil after he saw how unfazed he was after Kramer lost Gideon. Talk about lack of moral character..

It's time to teach him a lesson..

And this is how Jigsaw came to be. One always wonders who, how and why. A typical human being may say John Kramer is a monster. But a psychologist may say he just suffered a severe mental breakdown. 

Who decides the verdict? Who decides to play God?

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