Monday, July 17, 2017

Say HELLO To Horror's New Scream Queen - Stormi Maya Alvarado

The Nightmare Nook Horror Blog has had the pleasure of interviewing Stormi Maya Alvarado. Stormi Maya Alvarado is a Horror Actress and Film Producer, whose upcoming projects include the movie Playing With Dolls: Havoc with Director Rene Perez. She is also currently producing and starring in It Hungers with Rene Perez. Alvarado is also a National and International Playboy model who has now transitioned into Horror's new Scream Queen.

Q: How old were you when you first started modeling?
A: I was 16 when I began modeling.

Q: How did you get the modeling job working for Playboy? And how old were you at the time they contacted you?
A: I found connections to Playboy by being very active on Social Media and networking. I was 19 years old.

Q: How did you make the transition from being a model to a Scream Queen in Horror Movies?
A: I just utilized my sexuality, talent, and intelligence the same way I did in modeling. I started my acting career in Theater so that people knew I was serious about my craft.

Q:How did you get started in Acting and Film Production? Can you tell us a little bit about your background in that? 
A:I started my acting career in theater, after taking film acting classes I decided to try film . I went to my first movie audition for the film, Butterfly Chasers and received a supporting role. After Butterfly Chasers, I went to more and more auditions, gaining my film experience. I decided to start interning for a film distribution company , to gain knowledge in the industry I loved . While interning I found a love for producing and I began developing my own films . 

Q:What made you want to work in the Horror Industry?
A:I love the loyalty the horror community displays, the cult following . Horror is the ultimate genre, every other genre can live inside it - comedy, thriller, drama, action, fantasy etc. Horror is powerful, unleashing all our fears and insecurities. I love making people feel, making them vulnerable and helping them escape their reality. 

Q:What actors, actresses and movies inspire you and why?
A:I love Jamie Lee Curtis , She inspired me to be a scream queen. Her beauty, power and talent is everything I desire. I fell in love with her in Halloween. 

Q:You have upcoming projects that are to be released soon. What is Playing With Dolls:Havoc and It Hungers about?

A:Playing with Dolls: Havoc is part three of the Playing with Dolls movies. A killer has escaped jail. Now, he is on a murderous rampage as he tears through a group of unsuspecting vacationers. My movie, It Hungers is set in 1978 and surrounds the story of a beautiful outlaw, played by me that finds her self in the lair of a cannibalistic monster using a macabre clown to raise my fear, which the creature feeds on . 

Q:Who are your favorite Horror Directors?
A:Rene Perez of course , my favorite director to work with and John Brahm , one of the Twilight Zone directors. My favorite show. 

Q:What do you think makes a Killer Scream Queen?
A:Being sexy , talented and knowing how to display vulnerability. No insecurities. Having the sex appeal to lure in an audience and the talent to keep them interested. 

Q:What is your advice to young professionals who want to work in the Horror Industry?
A:Create your own content, Be original and stay loyal to your fan base . Give them consistent good work. 

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