Friday, September 8, 2017

IT (2017) - Review and Rant

As promised, I was going to pitch in my two cents regarding IT as soon as I got done watching the movie. While I will not be giving away any spoilers, I will give you an overall perspective and well then you can decide from there..

Now you know I am not a big fan of Horror movie remakes. At one point, Horror movies used handmade props and imagination. Now with Computer Graphics Animation being utilized in movies, it seems to overshadow the psychological focal point of the film, hence, it makes the movie less real and less frightening. Hollywood completely butchered the 2013 version of Carrie, with superfluous amounts of CGI, and very little to no character development, as well as many other horror movies of today. Did I think IT was going to be any different? The answer is no. I had my qualms about this version as well.

For starters, there will only be one true Pennywise The Dancing Clown, and that is none other than Tim Curry. Bill Skarsgard is not a God awful actor, but he did not quite convince me that clowns are diabolical and threatening either, the way Tim Curry did. The CGI was so excessive obviously and looked more like a Funhouse Freak Show gone wrong. 

The Loser's Club on the other hand, had good chemistry but I didn't feel it was developed entirely. Every member of The Loser's Club had their own cross to bear; abuse, death, sickness, etc. I feel the film should have dug deeper into their backstory and showed a little less of Pennywise popping up and scaring people. The more you see of Pennywise, the more predictable and less scary IT becomes. Again, this is where CGI screws everything up.

Henry Bowers and his goons are downright sociopaths as in the 1990 version. As a matter of fact, these bullies are soulless jackals. But their rivalry with The Loser's Club again, felt somewhat underdeveloped as opposed to the 1990 version. 

I honestly have just about had it with Hollywood butchering the original Horror movies with remakes that are not even scary anymore. It is safe to say they spend more time hyping up the movie than they do actually making and developing the characters and story. It is worth it to see just to compare and see for yourself how downhill Hollywood is going with their lack of originality. But if you want to save your money, I won't hold it against ya! 🙂

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