Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Mean Girl Of The Moment - Jawbreaker (1999)

First there was God. Then there was Heaven. With Heaven, came the angels. With the line up of all the angels with the trumpets blowing, came one angel who kept rolling its' eyes getting restless. Living life with a soul and pure intentions lacked way too much challenge. I mean what would the world be without a little chaos right?

And there she was. The Devil herself, Courtney Shane. Face of an angel but the heart of a jackal, She was cast right out of Heaven and placed into her own domain called Hell. She brought her own apostles with her.

I mean playing pranks on your best friend for her birthday is OK as long as you know your limits right? But who decides to stuff a big fat Jawbreaker in her friend's mouth and bind it with duct tape??? Was Courtney even thinking? Foul play? Purposeful accident?

Courtney sees to it that her "apostles" keep mum about the "accident". If anybody spills, there will be Hell to pay. No joke. And my dear Lord, the lengths one will go to to avoid getting caught is a true Horror of it's own. The reason being is that a murderer will kill you, a thief will steal from you, but you never know where you stand with a liar. Although, Courtney is a murderer but more of a savvy master manipulator who can lie through anything and even convince her own friends that she didn't harbor subconscious desires to actually kill Liz Purr. Did she have you fooled for a second? Be honest here.

The She Devil's Incarnate needs to be stopped in the worst possible way. Just like one angel fell from Heaven, one apostate needs to turn her back on the She Devil by exposing the truth.

Hmmm. Why is Prom usually the best time to humiliate someone???

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