Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Den - (2014) - Cyber Psychos

The internet chat room is a very non-secure world of mistrust. You chat with a bunch of strangers who share one thing in common with you; a need for a new friend. Why do you need new friends though?

I remember when I was a lot younger, maybe in Junior High School and in High School, my friends and I would go into private chat rooms for people who shared similar interests, weather it be movies, sports, TV Shows, etc. Do you remember receiving private instant messages typed out saying a/s/l? That is when you knew the person on the screen had something more in mind other than common recreational interests. Then the pretense follows. You would be extremely crazy to tell them your age or where you lived. And what about parental controls? It ALWAYS gets personal in the chat rooms. I've had people messaging me saying, "let's meet in the woods". Of course, I really wouldn't but somebody else probably would have..

Either you have a pervert with an extreme foot fetish, bondage, sadomasochism, golden showers, or someone who just wants you to expose your tits, to someone who wants to just terrorize you by making you watch him brutally slay someone. It is a message that YOU are NEXT!

Needless to say that my chat room days are long since over. But ahh the memories of the forbidden danger. It was fun pretending to be an adult behind the screen. But just like irresponsible hormonal teenagers, adults too can be anybody whom they wish to be behind the screen. And well, those adults are not exactly the ones you should trust. Adults know better? Yes they do because they know the innocent lives behind the screen don't.

Lesson learned? LOG THE F*CK OUT!!!

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