Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Suspiria (1977) - Dance Academy From Hell..

Before applying to any academic institution, please read the fine black print where it states the following:

1) When you see an individual flee from premise, that is a red flag. She is not getting kicked out for poor dance moves, she is fleeing by choice.

2) Don't lock yourself in the bathroom after disclosing one of the Academy's sinister secrets.

3) If you get sick, you will be medicated with a glass of wine daily.

4) Check your weather report. It might rain maggots and cause a possible crimson tide.

5) You may hear an unusual loud snore which may disrupt beauty sleep.

6) Beware of seeing eye-dog.

7) An Iris is not nearly as pretty as it looks.

8) If you fall asleep...somebody might just get her throat slit..

9) Do believe everything you hear from your friend's Psychologist friend about witches who inhabit your academic institution.

10) Bear in mind..a coven cannot survive without their Queen.

Now welcome aboard to the Tanz Dance Academy!

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