Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Burning Moon (1992) - One Of The Banned Horror Movies

When the full moon is out, the crazy people come out and do their crazy dance...

One of my fondest memories of my childhood which I have mentioned in the past, is going to the video store up the block and browsing the Horror section and renting a frighteningly depraved Horror flick for the weekend. The mom and pop video stores were my ultimate favorite stores to go to because they had Horror movies that the commercialized video stores would never have for the simple fact that they were BANNED...

Yes you heard that one right, some Horror movies are BANNED.. Due to depraved and highly graphic content or what I'd like to call "goregasmic" content, some individuals may not be able to stomach seeing someone getting their heart drilled out of their body, or a woman swallowing a human eyeball, etc. etc. etc. So what would I do knowing these films I could not rent elsewhere? I would actually go and RENT the BANNED films!

When a cat is curious..what happens to it?

Now tell me, would a movie consisting of two stories that entails a vile maniacal serial killer, and a condemned priest who mercilessly rapes women, be considered appropriate for bed time story telling? Not really, unless you are a heroin addicted degenerate of a brother...

Julia's Love

The first story is about a young lovely woman named Julia, who is obviously looking for love in all the wrong places..

A killer, who suffers traumatizing flashbacks of a murder he witnessed as a child, has escaped from the loony bin.

A kiss that leads to bloodshed with Julia's family being slain so graphically and her mother's eyeball being shoved down her throat. Mommy can see the filth inside you now. Eye for an eye anybody?


The second story, called "Purity" is well, anything but. A psychotic priest lives a dual life where he rapes and tortures women during the night and serves his congregation during the day. Talk about sins of the Father. All the Hail Marys won't save your soul from eternal damnation..

As the full moon burns, the Devil, the Demons, and their Disciples all come out and do their crazy dance...

(despite the trailer date saying 1997, the movie actually came out in 1992)

Gore To The are over 18 by the way right?

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