Monday, February 26, 2018

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark: High Beams

Turn your brights off asshole!!!

At least that is what I feel like yelling out whenever a driver behind me is that inconsiderate enough, not realizing he can blind me causing me to collide onto oncoming traffic or a tree. You can actually get fined for this sort of misdemeanor.

But maybe, just maybe, the driver behind you may actually have good intentions. If the driver sees something or someone you don't, it is his moral obligation to warn you. Some truck drivers may think they own the road, but not this one. For the young girl driving back home, she was definitely not alone and the man in the back seat did not have nearly the same good intentions the truck driver did. 

I won't lie, after reading this story since childhood, I do get very apprehensive when someone behind me turns their high beams on. This story has been one of the oldest and famous Urban Legends and Urban Legends have some fact rooted into them. But who is this so called man hiding in the back seat and what does he want? What is his angle? 

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