Thursday, March 22, 2018

THE REDEEMER: Son of Satan (1978)

After 10 years, you receive that long awaited invitation to your High School Reunion. Are you a tad bit curious just to see how everybody actually turned out? Is "The Most Likely To Succeed" actually successful now with worldwide bank and trust investments he has set up for his six children? Is "The Most Popular" still very much so loved and emulated by all? If "The Most Prettiest" any prettier or has she already peaked in High School, and now actually has wrinkles which she mistakes for laugh lines? You get the picture. But this particular High School Reunion is only meant for 6 people. And the gracious host is not too pleased with how these particular class fellows turned out...

John Sinclair : A morally bankrupt lawyer
Cindy: Thrill seeking girl who gets around
Terry: Has an enormous appetite but is famished as far as being productive goes
Jane: Poor little rich bitch..
Roger: An actor who thinks the world is only his audience
Kristen: a lesbian who is still in the closet

According to the Redeemer, these individuals all created a life revolving around sin. So now they must get their final High School Reunion party favor..

I guess now that times have changed, nobody actually needs to wonder what became of their fellow classmates all thanks to Social Media. Too bad there was no "Most Likely To Call People Out On Their Bullshit" category...LOL.

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