Saturday, May 5, 2018

Can't Take It Back (A Shudder Exclusive)

Mommy and Daddy always told me to never put anything on Social Media...

Now we have to tell our children the same. Be very careful what you post and whom you decide to attack on Social Media because it WILL come back and haunt you!

Especially when you cyberbully the deceased!

Living people have feelings but don't assume that the dead don't. Every malicious thought or comment you post on someone's profile page will trigger the dead to make YOU pay for what you can never apologize for nor take back! And we all know how malicious spirits can be and how they can terrorize you digitally..

Just like immoral and soulless teenagers don't give a shit what issues you have, weather you are an emo-depressed child who committed suicide, and what not, the dead can be equally insensitive. Morgan, the girl who committed suicide, is out to seek retribution on her peers for posting hurtful comments on her profile page. She makes slutty bitch Nicole go insane in class where she imagines her classmates stabbing her to death with pencils and ends up pissing all over the floor of the classroom. None of her classmates came to her rescue. Instead, they were f*cking recording Nicole's little manic episode on their phones! Nicole goes home hanging her head in shame and trauma only to be terrorized by Morgan's vengeful spirit and eventually slits her own throat right in front of Kristen, the new girl whom she peer pressured into writing demeaning things on Morgan's profile. Now Kristen is left to clean up the mess her friend made..

Geez...they just don't make teenagers like they used to....

The era of Social Media has abused it's own privilege wouldn't you say? I mean people have been getting terrorized online since forever, but when will the message sink in? I guess it is a stupid question because apparently nobody seems to learn until it is too late. This is the most imperative issue we have to teach our own children about especially because you see now that in this generation, it is all about Social Media, selfies, texting and sexting, etc. You feed Social Media all your insecurities and drama and it is only gaining more and more power over you. It becomes that malicious monster that is constantly being fed with it's angry appetite. It becomes an entity of its' own..

But a word to the not ever mock the deceased because you can NEVER take it back!

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