Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Slice me and dice me and make me sexy. Make me beautiful. Make me perfect...

I'm a Barbie girl..in a Barbie world..
Life in Plastic...
It's fantastic... - Aqua

The old adage goes, "beauty is only skin deep". But beauty is subjective to some and why I don't know. People think only a Marilyn or Barbie can be the epitome of beauty. A true model is a woman with long silky hair, mega thick eye lashes and lips, breast enhanced so far out that she can barely see her stomach, plumped and stuffed ass and thighs reduced by 10 inches. At least that is what most women are wired to believe that is what true beauty is. But what about what's underneath all the incisions? 

The beginning of this film starts off with a young boy being shunned by his vanity case of a mother. She lives in a mirror and constantly goes under the knife getting closer and closer to what she perceives as perfection, but it is never enough. The poor boy Stephen, finds his mother beautiful no matter what, but she only loves herself. He constantly applies her red lipstick on hoping somehow he can connect with his own mother even though it is through superficial means. He becomes more and more deranged due to his mother's vanity. His mother dies after her umpteenth surgical procedure. Norman Bates Mentoring Program anybody?

Slice me and dice me..but try not to hurt my soul...

Fast forward to 30 years later. These lovely Exotic working Cam girls are all out for the same thing. Calls, calls, and more calls. More calls means more money. And the hotter and sexier you are, the more likely you will succeed. But boy does the cattiness and backbiting run rampant. You tend to lose your soul because it is so buried skin deep in your success -- and yes pun is intended. 

Sex and drugs go hand in hand in this particular workplace. A soul never came with an instruction manual obviously. And of course there is someone who wants to make these girls pay for their vanity. But who?

Is it Jack? The sexist and ruthless Sex Show Producer?

He is the usual suspect. I mean it is obvious that there is no love lost between him and the girls. They are all expendable Slut Barbies in his eyes. He too maybe suffering from LDS (Little Dick Syndrome). He interviews a woman named Stephanie who wasn't babe-a-licious enough for him because she looked "old". 

She even gets mocked by the other girls behind her back..

But no. It is not Jack.. Because that is too obvious. And the truth is very skin deep...

And the truth is Stephanie is not your typical crazy chick who gets lost in her "competition"..

Meet Stephen Morgan...born Stephen Morgan, and now Stephanie!

In the name of beauty...sweet serenity WTF?!!

"Stephanie" wants to execute revenge on these fake ass bitches who of course remind her of her mother. "Stephanie" came to America wanting to be surgically transformed into a woman, but was deemed too mentally unfit to have the penis taken off.  Instead now "she" has to live with these hideous scars all over her body and will never be sexy or beautiful enough to make sleazy money by exposing her tits on TV. It is time now to expose the reality behind the fakery with just a couple of slices and dices...

Life in plastic is not quite fantastic..It is no life at all..

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