Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Asylum (1972) ...a.k.a. House of Crazies

Now Hiring:

Position for Chief Doctor
Job Description - Must Interview Each Incurably Insane Asylum Inmate
Must Interview Each Inmate to decide who the infamous Doctor Starr is. Doctor Starr suffered a severe mental breakdown, and your job is to figure out which inmate is him.
Please contact Dr. Lionel Rutherford

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Frozen Fear

Walter is unhappily married to Ruth and Ruth has money. Lots of it. She is also taking Voodoo lessons. Walter is having an affair with Bonnie. Walter makes the grave mistake of murdering Ruth by dismembering her body and wrapping it up. The answer to this arithmetical equation is very grim.

You break up my marriage, I will break you...Now heads are going to start rolling...literally..

Hmmmm...I wonder where you got that nasty gash on your face. But do you seriously think anybody will believe that a dead woman's severed hand did the ghastly deed out of revenge?

The Weird Tailor


Mannequin May Come To Life!

Bruno is a tailor who has trouble meeting the rent. Mr. Smith is the solution to his financial woes. However, there is a very sinister stipulation involved. Bruno must make a suit for Mr. Smith's deceased son out of shiny disco fabric and can only do so after Midnight. Hmm...strange request but hey, only the best for his son right? But this very astrological purpose is to bring Mr. Smith's dead son back to life. So no rules can be broken. Bruno is on the clock...literally.

But Bruno breaks the rules and pricks his finger accidentally letting blood get on the suit. Once the suit is made, Bruno gets it over to Mr. Smith who is in a world of distress, as he too is broke now after spending all his money on a book of tricks. The end result ends in a blow out literally and Mr. Smith is shot. 

Back at the shop, Bruno explains to his wife what had happened and urges her to burn the suit. She puts it on the mannequin instead. The mannequin goes on it's killing spree sending Bruno to a room in the asylum where he is making imaginary clothes.

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Lucy Comes To Stay

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After being released from the asylum, Barbara stays with her no good brother and is being taken care of by a nurse. Barbara is miserable and misunderstood until her friend Lucy comes to her rescue and does away with Barbara's brother and nurse. Now Lucy lets Barbara know that she is free from it all. But is that really the truth? 

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There is always a catch isn't it?

Mannequins of Horror

Scary Little People 
They Walk And They Kill
Batteries Not Included
But Human Organs Are...

Advertisement By Lunatic Dr. Bryon

Doctor Rutherford is dead. Doctor Martin destroys the mannequin which causes Dr. Byron's demise as well, causing him to run and seek help.

Meet Max Reynolds...a.k.a. Dr. Starr...

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"Max Reynolds" murdered the real Max Reynolds two days before. Dr. Martin encounters the same exact fate...

Asylum..a.k.a. The House Of Crazies Is Now Hiring..
Please Contact Dr. Starr To Schedule An Interview..

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